Finding Change

Meet Florence de Vere. Flo for short. She's from one of the richest families in London, her parents wanting her to take on the family business. But she has other ideas. She wants to sing, much to her mothers dismay. She's never fit into her mothers lifestyle, the formal dresses and boring parties.
Meet Harry Styles. Part of the big boyband One Direction. 5 years ago his life changed, when he became part of the best thing in his life. But his life took a change for the worst. He started hanging around with the wrong crowd, smoking things he shouldn't, doing things that he shouldn't, piercing and tattooing his body. The other boys try and support him but his job may be coming to an end.
When these two people meet for a one night stand, could both individuals get something they both want out of the result?


9. Chapter 9

I fell in love with the house immediately. It was nice and quirky and Harry had styled the place nicely, making me feel at home. I settled in quickly, starting up a routine with myself. 
I would do any tidying up and jobs in the morning when I woke up, have dinner and then spend my afternoon at Maddy's, writing and playing. I sometimes helped her out in the shop when Effie wasn't working, earning me some extra money. 
Even though me and Harry lived in the same house we hardly ever saw each other. When I woke up in the morning Harry's snores would be ringing through the house. 
He would wake up about dinner time, say good bye and then leave all day until I was asleep. 
Sometimes he would have a day off and lie on the couch all day watching tv. He invited me to watch it with him one day. 
I sat on the couch across from him, my attention on the tv. I can see Harry out of the corner of my eye, watching me and it made me uncomfortable. I looked over at him and he quickly turned his attention towards the tv although I knew he wasn't interested in it. I twisted my head again and tried to concentrate on the program. But I saw Harry's eyes flick to me again.

"So how are you?" Harry blurts out. I looked at him shocked. That was probably the first time he's ever asked me how I was feeling. He looked shocked with himself too, his hair running through his hair nervously.

"I feel fine," I smile weakly at him. The pregnancy wasn't that far on yet so I was still able to do things and I didn't feel too bad, except the morning sickness.

"Good. I heard you being sick this morning," he says concerned. I looked shocked again.

"I can't believe you were awake at 6am," I laugh. He smiles too.

"You woke me up," he says abruptly.

"Oh. I'm sorry," I tell him looking down.

"Flo don't be sorry," he says kneeling in front of me. He takes my small hands in his large ones. "Come and get me next time, I want to be there for you," he says, looking me in the eyes.

"Really?" I ask him surprised.

"Yeah. There's no point in you feeling like crap when I'm asleep in the next room," he tells me.

"Thank you," I say. I don't even know why I'm thanking him for, it just felt right. He raises my hands to his plump lips and kisses them softly. I imagined him kissing my lips like that, but then quickly snapped out of it. I didn't know where me and Harry were but I was sure we weren't there. He was only ever cute with me at times like these, sometimes I didn't speak to him for days. If he truly liked me, he would make an effort to talk to me more often. I think he just feels guilty because I'm carrying his child.  

He sits next to me and wraps his arm around my shoulders. My head automatically rests on his hard chest. His other hand still has mine entwined around it and this is how we spend the rest of the day, talking and watching films. 
After our tea I realised we had hardly any more food left in the house so I told Harry I was just nipping to the shop. He gave me some money, even after I'd told him I didn't want any and told me to be careful. I thought he was going to kiss me, but he seemed to shake his head and make his way back to the living room. 
I walked to my car disappointed and drove to the supermarket. Harry wanted more pizzas and crisps so I went straight there first. I grabbed loads of pizzas in all different flavours and added them to my trolley. When I got to the crisps I realised Harry's favourites were right up high on the top shelf. I tried to reach up and grab them but I was too small. I even tried standing on the bottom shelf and lifting myself up, but my fingers only just grazed the bag.

"Need a hand?" A low voice says behind me. I spin round quickly to see a stranger standing there. He was so beautiful I was too stunned to talk. He was much taller than me, and his tanned skin stood out from under his black t-shirt. He was wearing joggers with converse on his feet. His dark eyes looked me up and down, lingering longer on my belly. That's great, I thought, he's gonna freak out cause I'm pregnant.  

"Here," he smiles reaching up and grabbing a bag of crisps. He throws them in my trolley.

"Thanks so much," I grin at him.

"Are you here alone then?" He asks me looking around for a boyfriend or husband.

"Err yeah," I reply. Was he hitting on me? I was pregnant, why would he be interested in me?

"In that case, I'm Tom," he smiles, showing off his perfect teeth.

"I'm Flo," I reply, giving him a grin back.

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl," he smirks. I get a funny feeling in my belly and it wasn't the baby. I also find myself giggling girlishly at him. What was I doing?

"So Flo, are you doing anything tomorrow night?" He asks me.

"Nope," I reply, quicker than I should have done. He laughs a deep laugh.

"I'll pick you up at seven?" He says as I put my number in his phone.

"Eerr I'll just meet you at the restaurant, text me the details," I say. I didn't want Tom seeing Harry, that might be pretty awkward.

"That's fine, see you tomorrow Flo," he says, walking back down the aisle. I push my trolley off with the biggest smile on my face that I'd had in a long time.

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