Finding Change

Meet Florence de Vere. Flo for short. She's from one of the richest families in London, her parents wanting her to take on the family business. But she has other ideas. She wants to sing, much to her mothers dismay. She's never fit into her mothers lifestyle, the formal dresses and boring parties.
Meet Harry Styles. Part of the big boyband One Direction. 5 years ago his life changed, when he became part of the best thing in his life. But his life took a change for the worst. He started hanging around with the wrong crowd, smoking things he shouldn't, doing things that he shouldn't, piercing and tattooing his body. The other boys try and support him but his job may be coming to an end.
When these two people meet for a one night stand, could both individuals get something they both want out of the result?


15. Chapter 15

I pull the festive red dress over my head and over my belly. Lucky for me I'd been shopping, looking for nice maternity clothes. 
I was so shocked when I got an invitation off my mother to go to her house for an annual Christmas dinner. I was even more shocked when Maddy was invited too. In a way I'm happy that my mother invited us, I couldn't imagine me and Maddy cooking our own Christmas dinner, we'd probably just order a take out. I was still pretty nervous though. 
When we arrived most people were already there. As soon as I walked through the door all eyes were on me, or my bump. "Congratulations!" One of my mothers friends exclaimed.

"How far along are you?" Another asks.

"7 months," I tell them.

"Wow, your mother didn't mention it at all," they say.

"Did she not?" I ask, as my mother walks from the kitchen. She simply gives me and Maddy a hug and then ushers everyone into the living room. Maddy goes and gets me a drink as I sit down on the couch. Someone slides down beside me.

"Hey," my father says. I was still mad at him, for not saying anything the last time we met.

"Hi," I reply, looking at my feet.

"Flo are you being properly looked after?" He asks concerned.

"I'm fine. Maddy is looking after me," I tell him. He breathes out in relief.

"How are you doing?" He asks.

"I'm fine," I reply abruptly. 
He's just about to reply when my mother comes over.

"Here alone are you?" She asks sarcastically.

"Yes," I reply sadly.

"Does the father not want it?" She asks again. Just as I'm about to answer I get a funny feeling in my belly. I grabbed my mother’s hand and put it on my bump. 
She looks surprised but soon calms.

"That's the first time she's kicked," I tell them. "She must have heard your voice." My mother gets tears in her eyes and smiles down at me.

"It's a girl?" She asks happily.

"Yeah," I grin up at her. 

"She's going to be beautiful if she looks anything like her grandmother," my father gushes. I show them both the scan of her and they get all excited, and then don't stop boasting about her to all their friends over dinner. My mother even has a conversation with Maddy where they both end up laughing. I was so glad to have my parents back on board with me but even though they asked me to move back here, I knew that I didn't belong here. I belonged with Maddy, living in a snug room, eating take outs and wearing jeans and big t-shirts. I finally knew where I belonged. 
That's why when New Years came, when the fireworks were exploding in the sky, I just wished for happiness and health for my little girl. 

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