One direction imagines

Det er IKKE mine. Det er en på en anden hjemmeside som skriver dem, men jeg vil gerne dele dem med jer andre.. Sååå..
EJER IKKE! (Skriver over på engelsk)


7. #6: You pranks him or he pranks you

He pranks you or you prank him:

Harry: You were really tired and went into a shower when you got home from work. What you didn't know was that Harry had filled your hairdryer with flour, so when you got out and pressed on, on your hairdryer your face got covered in flour. You let out a scream and Harry came in, beginning to laugh at you. You laugh too, because you kinda looked like a snowman.

Zayn: So, Zayn was sleeping on the couch and you being the silly one, wanted to prank him. So you tweeted out to all the crazy fans, how to prank him. And after five minutes one of the tweets got picked. You chose that one that said: 'Put green color in his hair and say he got it the day before'. 
Well, Zayn went out drinking last night and had just laid there sleeping since, so he sure wouldn't remember anything from last night. 
Carefully you put the green hairspray in his hair and wake him up. "Zayn, you did something to your hair?" you said. He looked in the mirror and started screaming, then turning towards you seeing you on the ground almost going to die of laughter. 

Liam: Liam went down into the little shop around the corner so you decided to make a quick twitcam. One of the fans asked you to pretend that you passed out, and you did. You placed your phone on the table and sat there on the couch waiting for Liam.
When Liam came through the door you got up and walked slowly towards him, and doing as the fans said, you let yourself fall to the ground just like if you were passed out. "Y/N" Liam yelled, and runned to you. But then you just started laughing and you and Liam ended up laughing at each other. 
You laughed because of the prank. Liam laughed because you kinda got hurt doing it.

Niall: One time when you decided to prank Niall, you told him: "I heard that they closed nandos" with a serious look. "NOOOOO!" he yelled. It was so hard to not start laughing when he went on twitter and wrote 'Dying without nandos'. After he tweeted that, you told him that it was just a prank. 
As a punishment you got to pick up nandos to him. 

Louis: The fans loved you and Louis as a couple because you always played pranks on eachother. Louis was asleep on the bed in the bedroom and you were doing a twitcam, when someone asked where Louis were, you said that he was sleeping and someone told you to prank him. So you went into your bedroom and put some cream in his face and tied his feets together. 
You then took your phone to film it. 
"LOUIS!" you screamed and he jumped up. He felt something in his face so he went up to check it in the mirror but when he started walking, he tripped and you burst out laughing, and so did Louis. "You did good, Y/N, but i'm getting revenge!" he yelled, and you runned away.


De andre nogle jeg har lavet er ikke mine, de er en andens, men den her har jeg faktisk selv lavet, så.. Ja.. 

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