One direction imagines

Det er IKKE mine. Det er en på en anden hjemmeside som skriver dem, men jeg vil gerne dele dem med jer andre.. Sååå..
EJER IKKE! (Skriver over på engelsk)


6. #5: Sooooo... You're bored.. A lot..

Harry: You and Harry was really bored, and you couldn't go anywhere because it was raining and it was raining because Harry did this raindance, and.. Yeah, we don't talk about that.. SO! You and Harry were watching this movie when they came to the 'Kiss in the rain' scene. "That's cute.. But i think we could do a lot better.." Harry said. Then you got up and runned outside.. And you can imagine what then happened...

Liam: You and Liam were bored out of your minds so you danced this just dance 4, and Liam were loosing. So, when he lost he got extremely mad and went out in the kitchen taking some cake and throwing it at you. You then throwed something at him, and that's the story about your why your kitchen looks weird today.. 

Louis: You and Louis were bored, so you played 'Truth or dare' and you had picked truth. "How good looking am I?" Louis asked and looked at you. Then you tilted your head to the side to study his face, then showing 10 fingers as his point. He looked really good.. 

Zayn: You, after looooong time of begging could finally do Zayn's hair. You had waited for this, and now you sat there with ALL of Zayn's hair stuff, and that was a lot.. Well, you kind of.. Um... Zayn's hair ended up being red as he walked to the interview next day..

Niall: So sorry, i have no ideas for this one, SORRY! 

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