One direction imagines

Det er IKKE mine. Det er en på en anden hjemmeside som skriver dem, men jeg vil gerne dele dem med jer andre.. Sååå..
EJER IKKE! (Skriver over på engelsk)


5. #4: His thoughts when he is proposing to you

Liam: Oh lordy. Okay, let's do this.. Okay, you didn't screw up the words.. Yet.. Omg, she is crying?! I knew this was a bad idea! Omg, i'm so sorry, Y/N! Wait.. Wait.. Fuck a cupcake, she said yes?! YES! I'M THE WINNER! WHOOOOHO!

 Harry: Okay.. Don't worry, she is going to say yes. I mean how can she not say yes, i'm Harry fucking Styles! How can she possibly say no? Okay.. She is shocked.. She is schocked.. Good shock? Good shock! She said yes! I'm working on not jumping in the air right now because that would not look to great.. Buut.. HELL YEAH! Sorry, that just came out.. YOU GO HARRY STYLES!  

Louis: Okay, okay, okay, okay.. This is okay.. No, it isn't okay?! What the hell am i talking about?!! Stay calm, Louis.. Now pull out the ring.. Wait.. Wait. Where did it go? Where is the ring?! I'm sure i laid it in my pocket! Shit! That's it! The whole thing is a bust! Now i have to move to Canada, chance my name to Mario and start a company that sell apples and when... Wait.. Here it is.. Other pocket. DUH? She said yes! She said yes! THE TOMMO TOMLINSON WINS!  

Niall: Why am i suddenly blanking out on everything? How much is 2+2?! How old am i?! What is my name?! Wait! What is my name?! Calm, yourself Niall... Oh, wait.. My name is Niall. Sure.. Alright then.. She.. She said yes?! YES! CELEBRATION DINNER FOR EVERYONE?!  

Zayn: Okay.. Here i am.. Proposing to a girl.. Waiiit.. Here i am.. Proposing to a girl... I am here.. Proposing to a girl.. Zayn fucking Malik is here proposing to a girl! Yes.. That sounded better.. She said yes! WHOOOHO! Now to the celebration dance!!!!! No.. Wait.. She is giving me the weird look now.. Alrigt.. I stop dancing in the mall..  

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