One direction imagines

Det er IKKE mine. Det er en på en anden hjemmeside som skriver dem, men jeg vil gerne dele dem med jer andre.. Sååå..
EJER IKKE! (Skriver over på engelsk)


4. #3: So there's this HUGE spider..

Liam: "Y/N (Your name), we should really just let it live, I mean-" he starts then looks at how terrified you are. "Yeah, okay, I'll kill it" As he does, you can hear him say sorry under his breath while he cleans it up. 

Niall: "GRAB A BOOK OR SOMETHING!" he yells as you go in and grab a book and smack it down until the spider is fully death. 

Louis: "IT'S OKAY, Y/N. I HAVE THIS UNDER CONTROL!" he screams as you give him something to kill the spider with. You grab the first thing in sight, which is one of his shoes and hand it to him. He was going to smack the spider when he sees the shoe. "Noo, it's my favorite shoes!" he said. "I'm not going to kill THAT with THIS?". You laugh as you hand him a phonebook. "Much better"

Zayn: You're scared shit less, as Zayn just stared in amazement. "Do spiders even get that big?" he asked calmly. "I DON'T KNOW, JUST KILL IT" you scream. He laughs and grabs a cup and a piece of paper. He scoop it up, and set it free. The whole night, you swore the stupid spider would come back to get revenge. 

Harry: "HOW DID IT GET IN HERE?" Harry screams, he seems almost as scared as you, but since both of you refuse to go anywhere near it, you call Louis for him to kill it. Louis showed up in his superman shirt, and for weeks he thought he was superman, screaming "SUPERMAN!" every time he enters a room. 



Stadig ikke mine! C'ya!

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