One direction imagines

Det er IKKE mine. Det er en på en anden hjemmeside som skriver dem, men jeg vil gerne dele dem med jer andre.. Sååå..
EJER IKKE! (Skriver over på engelsk)


2. #1: How he makes your ex-boyfriend jealous




Harry: He always love to show everybody that you are his, but when it comes to your ex, he always holds your hand og kisses your cheek constantly. 


Liam: Liam isn't the mean guy (We all know this), but when it comes to your ex, he knows he has to put his foot down. If he sees you talking to him, he will immediatly come up and rest his chin on your shoulder while giving you the puppy-dog-eyes. 


Niall: If he sees your ex coming towards you two, he puffs out his chest, and put his arm around you, and when he speaks to you, you immediatly hears that his accent are thicker and deeper.


Louis: Louis always makes you laugh around your ex, to show him that he makes you a lot more happier than he ever will and ever could. 


Zayn: He hates your ex for the way he treated you after the break up, so he always hold you close and tells you how much he loves you, making your ex see what he is missing. 




Igen! Dette er ikke min! C'ya!

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