Love at the Dance

It was her best friends Holly's birthday and she was with all the people that disliked her. What happens when both Holly's and Lauren's dreams come true without even knowing it? Read to find out.


1. Not your average girl.

I'm not your average girl, popular, pretty, amazing at so many things with the inspirational family. But who is ALL of them things? Hardly anyone. 

Everyone is unique in one way or another (no pun intended :P) for my unique bit is my hair, its white. I don't know why, because my mum has brunette hair, but my dad, well I don't know. I've never met my dad,he didn't like the idea of a daughter so he left when my mum told him I was on the way. We never talk about him in our house. 

All the time people call me names because of my hair and my family, I try to take no notice but secretly I hear them. But mainly hear goth. I do cut, because of the pain those words they say give me. Cutting is the way to make the pain go away. 


On a happier note, my names Lauren Channum, I live in London, England and I have white hair, blue eyes and I am in love with 5 boys that changed my life, you might of heard of them? One Direction is their name. World famous boy band. 

My best friend Holly and I are HUGE fans, her favourite is Niall and my fave is Harry.

Holly has long Brunette hair and Brown eyes, most popular girl in school yet I'm her best friend. She always makes me feel happy because she is there for me. I am 18, and Holly is turning 18 in a couple of days. She is having a massive party and almost all of our year is going to be there. How fun! Most likely gunna get bullied, but I've got to go, she's my best friend and I LOVE HER LOADS! 

So this party has been the talk about all week, now its friday, before her party on Saturday. I got up before my alarm which was unusual for me! I went and got changed for school putting on my school unform of a blazer and tie, which a skirt. I then go to the bathroom and do my make up to cover up the spots and other things on my face, mascara and eye liner. 

I run down stairs to the spell of eggs and bacon.

"Hmmm is that for me or is that for me?" I shouted down the stairs to my mum.

" No is for the dog" she joked. I hope. "Of course its yours!"

I quickly eat my food and grab my bag and sleepover things for tonight, and run out the bacon smelled house to meet Holly and drop my stuff at hers. 

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