dying to live *completed *

*warning * suicide attempt, drug abuse, and smoking! Mature readers only.--- Kasey Miller has an abusive step mother. Each day she makes Kasey hate herself more and more. If only some one could stop the pain she feels in her heart everyday. If only someone could destroy the suicide thoughts that wander around her brain. If only someone could make her life worth living .


2. Chapter 2: the gates of hell have opened for me

Kasey's POV My alarm blared awakening me from me nightmare. I sighed knowing today I would have to return to school, or as many refer to it 'Prison'. I Put on skinny jeans and a purple T-shirt that says, "GO DUCK YOURSELF" with a anime duck above it. I pulled on a lose fitting sweater that had a Three days grace logo on it. I straightened my hair and pulled a brush through it to tame the slight frizz. Good thing today was cold I couldn't risk letting anyone see my freshly made cuts, so I could wear a sweater. I pulled up my hood and put my headphones in playing 'Love me dead' by Ludo. I grabbed my book bag and headed downstairs. Luckily dad wasn't up yet. I grabbed the toast I made shoving it in my mouth while scribbling a quick note to him. I ran outside grabbing my skateboard and started my way to school. I swerved by an old couple walking and crossed the street. With my old jacked up skateboard I could feel every pebble I rode over. The song had changed now to 'American idiot' by Green Day. I finally made it to school. I hoped off my skateboard and started up at the gates of hell ( the school entrance). I sighed opening the door and walking in. It wasn't that I was picked on or anything its just.....I'm sort of...invisible. The only people who notice me are the pervs that sit behind me in Algebra 2. I went to my Locker and opened it easily. Humming 'Saviour' by Black Veil Brides under my breath. My song was interrupted when a sharp pain breeched my behind. I turned around whipping my ear buds from my ear to see Kyle Maxwell staring at me smirking. I gasp escaped my lips. Kyle was the mist popular guy in school and had quite the reputation. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Nice ass Kasey. I wished you'd show it off more." I gulped and found my dignity at last. "Thanks but I don't think that'll happen a lot." I replied in a shockingly clear voice. Kyle just smiled for a moment before slipping something in my pocket. " I'll pick you up at 8, Kase. Oh and make sure you wear something sexy for me." He said before walking away. I can't believe I'm going on a date with KYLE!!! Wait I'm going on a date with Kyle!?! My dads going to kill me! literally! Good lord help me! NOTES: I know I don't update a lot but my WiFi is stupid at the moment so once I get it fixed ALL my story's will be updated more!
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