2. The Party

When we got to Liam's house Niall got out and ran to the front door.He knocked then barged in to see Liam passed out on the couch with his new girlfriend.''Papa Payne we are home!''He screamed walking in and going to the kitchen to put the leftovers in the fridge.

''Sorry Liam hes been acting weird since we left Nandos.''I said fixing my hair.

''It's fine I just hope Dani doesn't wake up.''He said with a morning voice.He carefully got up and looked at him self in the mirror.Dani sat up and walked over to Liam.''Morning.''He said turning and hugging her.

''Li can we have a party?''Dani asked.Liam nodded and she ran over and texted all of her friends including me.'Party at Li's place at 9:15 tonight!!!'It read.

                                                                    ~Jaydin's POV~

I was sitting on the couch when my phone buzzed.Its from Dani who is a girl from my dance class.'Party at Li's place at 9:15 tonight!!!' I asked where and started to get ready by getting in the shower.After I got out of the shower and got ready it was already 8:40.I grabbed my keys and got ready to go.I had a short black dress with matching heels and my blonde curls were straitened.As soon as I pulled up I saw dan in a red dress with whom I expected to be Li also known as Liam.I got out of my car and walked up to dani.''Hey Jay!''She yelled hugging me and I just waved.She introduced me to everybody and when we got to the last people my heart skipped a beat.The guy from Nandos stood talking to a blonde man.''Jaydin meet Harry.''Dan said.After that she left to find Liam.Me and Harry grabbed some beers.After my 15th beer I was drunk so Harry let me stay with him for the night.

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