6. T Or D

                                                                ~Jaydin's POV~

Me and Harry cuddled while laying on his bed.After Harry fell asleep I walked down stairs and joined the boys who were talking.Before I turned the corner I heard my name."Guys I think I like Jaydin."Someone said and I think it was Niall."Niall I think we all do."Liam said.All the boys agreed and then I ran into the kitchen and acted like I heard nothing."Hey guys!'I said grabbing some crisps."Hey you want to watch a movie with me?"I asked and they all nodded.Niall and Zayn made it to the couch so I sat in between them and the others sat on the floor by my feet.We decided to watch Toy Story since Liam loved it but he stopped it have way through it."Guys lets play truth or dare!"Liam almost yelled.We  agreed and soon it began."Umm Niall truth or dare?''Liam asked after spinning the bottle"DARE!''He shouted and I giggled."Trade clothes with Jaydin.''I playfully glared at him  before grabbing Niall's hand and shoving him into the bathroom.He gave me his clothes and I went to change.He had on a Ed Sheeran shirt with sweats on.I gave him my clothes after I had his on.I was wearing a green Harry Potter shirt and some skinny jeans.It just so happens that we fit each others clothes.We had to stay like that the whole game.Then Niall spun the bottle.It landed on me."Dare!''I yelled.Niall dared me to sing so I sung my favorite song.''She's a good girl.Loves her mama.Loves Jesus and America too.Shes a good girl.Crazy bout Elvis.Loves horses and her boyfriend too.Yeah,yeah.It's a long day livin in Reseda.Theres a freeway runnin through the yard.I'm a bad boy cause i dont even miss her,I'm a bad boy for braking her heart.And i'm freeeeee,free fallin,fallin.And I'm freeeeee.free fallin,fallin.All the vampires walkin through the valley.And all the bad boys are standin in the shadows.And the good girls home with broken hearts.''I stopped there because 1 i dont really sing in front of people and 2 because they all looked at me weird.I felt myself get red as they started telling me to sign up for the X-Factor.''Just as long as you guys will to.''I said.

''DEAL!"They all screamed.We continued playing for about an hour before Harry came down.

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