7. Seeing Lou Again

"Hey love,"Harry said wrapping his arms around my waist.I wrapped mine around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Ewwwww get a room!"Niall yelled.Haz smirked and picked me up by my bum.I squealed and he walked into the kitchen."I said room not kitchen Harry!"Ni screamed.Everyone burst out laughing.Niall walked into the kitchen and I quickly started pulling up my shirt so he ran out screaming.Everyone was in the kitchen so they all knew what was going on and they laughed quietly."Run shes getting naked!"He squealed from the living room.We shook our heads and I tried to walk out of the kitchen.

"Hey didn't you hear that women need to stay in the kitchen?"Harry said and the boys all gasped and waited for me to have a comeback.

"Well how am I suppose to be in the kitchen if you won't ever leave it darling?"I sassed in less than 30 seconds.

"That has to hurt."Zayn said and I kissed Harry before going to find Niall.Before I made it to the stairs my phone went off.

"Hello?Omg!!!Lou Bear it's been forever!Wait your home?You have to come see me!Please you can meet my boyfriend and his three mates.EEEEEEEEEE! I can't wait to see you! I'll text you the address ok?KK love you too.Bye.''I hung up and did my happy dance.I texted him the address and he was her 30 minutes later.I ran to the door pushing Niall and Harry out of the way.

"Jaybird!!!!"He chirped picking me up and spinning me.I giggled and kissed his cheek before looking at Haz who now was mad.

"Haz,babe this is my brother Louis Tomlinson.He is my oldest and only brother."I said knowing what he was thinking.He loosed up and shook his hand.


"KEVIN!!!!"Lou yelled jumping at the window.I laughed and Harry looked puzzled.He held up his finger swallowing the spaghetti he had put into his mouth."My birds name is Kevin."He explained.

"Fake bi-"I started but i got cut off.

"Jaydin!Hes real!!"He wined making me laugh.He went into the car and came back with a box from my dad in the U.S.A with a little old letter.He had special envelopes with our things on it.Lou was visiting my dad for 3 months so i really missed him.I opened the letter and it read 'Jaydin my youngest daughter.I know I haven't came to visit and that you get really bummed when I say I will but don't worry because...IM MOVING DOWN THERE!!! In this box is 50,000,000 pounds.Please spend it responsibly or save it.Love you and see you in 2 weeks.' 

"I..he..move..Omg!"I said in tears.The boys thought that something was wrong so they started freaking out while Lou nodded and we jumped up and down and hugged.I opened the box to see all the money and another box.I opened it and found pictures,coins,makeup,and 10 new phones.I gasped and called my dad from the house phone."Daddy!I miss you and love you...I can't wait to see you!..Really?Yay!...Wait lou doesn't know?Kk i'll tell him.See you then bye papa."I hung up and squealed."Dad and mum are back together!!!"I yelled.

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