5. Our Mistake

I ran down stairs to find the boys with knifes luckily they didn't have blood on them.I ran outside but she was already gone.I slid down the door and sobbed.She wouldn't want to take me back because of this or she would want them out of my life or else she would leave.The door opened and someone came out."What's wrong mate?"Liam asked.He was the only one that didn't have a knife when I came down.

"You guys scared my girlfriend off and I don't think she will take me back for the fear of geting killed!"I scream before pounding my fist into the vase in front of me.

"Lad if she loves you she will."Li says before getting up and walking back inside.Then it hit me  I could text her! I ran inside and grabbed my phone.'Hey babe I'm sorry about what happened.'I sent it and she replied a few seconds later.'It's alright I'll come back if you want.'She answered.I told her yes and that we would talk to the boys together.She agreed and not even a minute later the doorbell rang.I jumped off the bed and ran down stairs.I opened the door and wrapped Jaydin in a hug while kissing her on the cheek.I set her down and we walked into the living room holding hands.

"Mates this is my girlfriend who you scared away."I said pulling her close.

"Oh my,mate we are so so so so sorry."Ni said.

"Our mistake if we knew we wouldnt have done it"Zayn said.She nodded and I picked her up bride style before running up to my room.I dropped her on my bed softly before joining her.

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