3. Harry's House

                                                                       ~Harry's POV~

At around 2:30 me and Jaydin left.She got into the back seat of my Range Rover and then I headed home.When I pulled up to my house I help Jay out of the car and she gasped when she saw my house.''You live here ALONE!''She said exaggerating alone.I nodded as we walked up the steps to my two story house.When we got inside she insisted that I show her the house so I did.When we finished she curled up in my bed and waited for me to get in with her.As soon as I did she snuggled with me,the drunk affect hit her hard.The next morning I woke up to the smell of pancakes.I walked down stairs to find Jaydin in just her bra and panties.

''Hey you look very nice by the way.''I whispered grabbing a pancake from her hand.

''Yeah I kinda got puke on my clothes this morning.And I have no clue where your shirts are so you need to tell me so next time I can one kay?''She informed me.My heart raced when she said that she would be here again.I would love to have her here all the time but that wont happen.I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me.I showed her where everything was,even the make up I bought for my girlfriend if I ever got one.She told me she would be back after work so I told her where the spare key was then she left for work.

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