Remember Summer '09

Lea was your average 17 year old with her long blonde hair, which happened to be curly, and blue eye which have a slight tint of green in them. Lea absoloulty loves One Direction, and would do anything to meet them. Though, she doesn't remember that in summer '09 she was best mates with Liam Payne. What will happen when she gets tickets from her foster mom, Delia to see One Direction in concert? What happens when she meets them?
*Lea is played by Danielle, but imagine Danielle Blonde c:*


8. What Isn't Wanted & What Got Wanted

    There are times when I actually think that Liam will leave me. I just can’t help but think that. I constantly think about my past, unable to comprehend the memories. When I do comprehend them, they are always something I shouldn’t want to remember. I then don’t stop thinking about it.

“You thinking about Avalee again, Lea?” Liam asks, pulling me out of my trance.

I shake my head, of course not. Why would I think of that bitch?

“Not exactly, something related to the category.” I whisper, my head ducking low.

He heavily sighs, the sigh getting deeper each time. “You need to stop thinking about it. It isn’t gonna get you anywhere in life.”  He tells me, grabbing a water bottle. “You need to get out of the past, get in the present. Think about the future, don’t think about Avalee, or anything related to her.”

I scoff, unable to contain it. My whole past is Avalee becoming a bitch to me. I just can’t think about it. “It’s harder than you think, Liam.” I whisper.

“Harder than I think?” Liam scoffs, coming out in a harsh tone. Intended? “I got bullied too, Lea. I took wrestling because of it, I got tired of it. I’ve cut, and I don’t want you to.” He comes closer to me, holding my hand tightly. “You’re stronger, and don’t need to cut yourself. It won’t do you any good.”

I rip my hand out of my boyfriend’s grasp. “You suggesting I thought of cutting?” I ask him. When in reality, yes, I have. “You think I’m that low?” Well, I am. “I can’t believe you would think that, I would never to that.” Lies.

Liam deeply exhales, his breath almost coming out as if it was hitched. “No, Lea. I’m suggesting anyone could, but I doubt you would. I am saying it as if someone would, which people do.” He explains.

I shake my head, the anger rising up in my head. This, I know, is an unneeded argument to you, but definitely needed to me. “I would never, ever, do that. I don’t give a fuck it is rhetorically speaking. I would never cut in my fucking life.” Lies, that it a lie! “Why would you even suggest I would do such a thing?” Maybe because I do? “That’s disgusting, I can’t even stand to think that, Liam.”

Liam steps back, his actions resulting in myself becoming scared. I’ve gone too far this time, my father’s anger rubbing off on me.

“Liam, I’m sorry.” I whisper. “My father’s anger rubbed off on me. “

Liam shakes his head, as if saying something I can’t comprehend.

“I can’t handle our constant fighting.” He tells me flat out. Well, it is true. We fight, a lot. More than the average couple, but I love him. We go through thick and thin, and it’s usually thin. “I think we should take a break, only for a while. Not too long.”

I feel the tears already cascading down my cheeks. I caused a break in our relationship, it’s all my fault. Always is.

“I get it,” I whisper. “I’ll just be going.” I gather up my stuff, beginning to leave Liam’s house.

“I can give you a-“

“No. I don’t need your help, Liam.” I snap at him, slamming the door.


     I set the keys on the table, my phone loudly vibrating as I do so. I groan at the name, the same name that ruined my life. Avalee. How she got my iPhone number beats the hell out of me, but I answer it anyway.

“What the fuck do you want, Avalee?” I ask right away. I hear her chuckle on the line, her annoying, nasally voice echoing in my head.

“Didn’t think you’d remember me, Lea. Been so long, after the car crash and all.” She laughs, her voice getting five times more annoying.

“I’m serious, Avalee. What do you want?”

“I wanted to make a peace offering, giving as we are older now. We were foolish, and thirteen at the time. We didn’t know what we were saying, we were just finding ourselves.”

I scoff at the words she’s chosen, as if.  

“You’re ripping of the words from a score card, aren’t you?” I ask her.

She lightly giggles, “No, not at all.  All my own words.”

“I don’t believe you, never will. You were horrid to me in secondary school, Avalee. How can I forgive you for that?”

“Easy, say that you forgive me.”

“As if I would, you ruined my middle school years. What could do with you then.”

She was about to speak, but I hung up. I don’t need to talk to her, she ruined my life. My relationship. What I really don’t know is that it is really myself messing up the relationship, and I just can’t register it outside my body.


~*Author’s Note*~

Hey, I think this is a long update.



Is this story even good?



I’m thinking of making Lea a twitter, but then again, story isn’t that popular.


But seriously, how’d you like it? Gimmeh feedback.


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