Remember Summer '09

Lea was your average 17 year old with her long blonde hair, which happened to be curly, and blue eye which have a slight tint of green in them. Lea absoloulty loves One Direction, and would do anything to meet them. Though, she doesn't remember that in summer '09 she was best mates with Liam Payne. What will happen when she gets tickets from her foster mom, Delia to see One Direction in concert? What happens when she meets them?
*Lea is played by Danielle, but imagine Danielle Blonde c:*


6. Unbearable Conversations & Unbearable Memories

     ~*Lea’s Point of View- 13 years old*~


     I turn my body toward my best, and only friend, Avalee. She applies various coats of mascara, which are unneeded, and puckers her lips.

“Should I add some pink lip gloss?” She asks me, turning her head so her piercing green eyes meet my bubbly blue eyes.

“I don’t think you need the makeup, Ava.” I whisper.

She shakes her head, putting the unneeded makeup items in her small purse. Her long, chocolaty brown hair shakes furiously as she takes out her bun. Her eyes lock with mine as she turns around. Her smile fades into a scowl.

“You’re going out like that? You look fat, and ugly.” Ava tells me, her face scrunching in disgust.

“Really?” I ask her, my eyes beginning to water.

“I can’t even step foot out of my own house without you. You need to lose weight, and start wearing makeup.”

The tears begin to leak out of my eyelids.

“I’m fat? I’m ugly?”

She nods her head, her nose twitching.

“I can’t hang out with you if you’re gonna look like that.” She tells me.

I pick up my school bag, hitching it on my right shoulder, “Whatever. Bye Avalee.”

Starting to walk, I look back at her once, remembering when she was nicer. When she didn’t wear makeup. When she was nice to me.

~*Lea’s Point of View- Now*~

     I scrunch my nose up in disgust, remember Avalee. I can’t believe she did that to me. She was one of the many reasons I was so skinny, I’m lucky I didn’t start drinking like my father.

“What’s wrong, Lea?” Liam whispers in my ear. I shake my head, unable to even try to talk about Avalee.

“I really don’t want to talk about it. Just a horrible memory.” I whisper to my boyfriend.


I raise my eyebrow at him, unable to figure out how he knew about Avalee.

“You told me about her at summer camp when we were there. You don’t remember that?” Liam asks me.

“Not really, I still don’t remember much. I’m lucky I remembered you.”

“You should really talk about Avalee,  again. I forgot the stories.”

I tilt my head back, groaning.

“Why? It makes me feel horrible.”

Liam rolls his eyes at me, hugging me close.

“I want you to be able to discuss your feelings with me again. I missed that, Lea.”

I kiss his cheek, whispering, “Fine. I’ll tell you.”

I swear, his eyes brighten with joy. He really wants to know this stuff.

“It all started at the age of 11…” I start.

~*Lea- Age 11*~

     I hold my books close to my body, moving through the term 6 hallway. My locker, of course, is at the end. Not even close to the classrooms. My body squeezes through the bodies, moving quicker than usual.

“Yeah, she’s really fat. She doesn’t look like it, but Lea is. I don’t even know why I’m her friend.” I hear someone say, the familiar voice of Avalee.

“She does look really fat. When she changes in gym class, she goes into the bathroom. She must be embarrassed of her fatness.” Another voice says, one I recognize as Mallory.

I look around the corner, looking at Avalee and Mallory.

“She should start wearing makeup, she is ugly.” Avalee spits out, laughing.

Tears begin to spill down my face. I gingerly touch my stomach. Am I really as fat as Avalee and Mallory say?

My eyes look down to the ground as I begin to run toward the staircase. Tears blur my vision, soon making me fall down. My books and papers scatter everywhere, roaming all over the staircase.

Avalee and Mallory are ruining my life. How will I continue?

~*Lea- Age 12*~

     My eyes land on my teacher as she starts writing interesting things about writing. My eyes land on my desk after a note plops down on it. I open it, reading the words over again.


You are a ugly, fat hoe. I don’t know who the fuck would date an ugly skank like you. Enjoy life while you can, death will soon come your way.


Tears spill down my face, landing on my school work. Why would anyone, anyone use these kind of words. This is hurtful.

“Lea? Is that something you would like to share with the class?” Mr. Schinda asks me.

I shake my head, the tears pouring down. Mr. Schinda takes the note out of my hands, reading it over.

“Who wrote this? This is absolutely disgusting.” He says, throwing it in the trash.

Avalee raises her hand, smirking slightly.

“You wrote this Avalee?” He asks her.

“No,” She says sweetly, “but I know who did. Mallory gave it to me during passing time, explaining to me how I’m supposed to give it to Lea. I was gonna write on the note explaining how would stop her, but never got the chance.”

“I’ll be talking to Mallory. Lea, be careful.”

I nod my head, glancing back at Avalee. She has a smirk on her face, mouthing, “I will kill you. Be prepared.”

I stand up, packing up my stuff. I quickly run out of the room, throwing the stuff in my locker. Screw school, I don’t need it. If Avalee and Mallory are gonna send me death threats continue I don’t need to go to school. Screw. It.

~*Author’s Note*~






Adios Muchacos!


Copyright 2013 LeaPayne (CC)

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