Remember Summer '09

Lea was your average 17 year old with her long blonde hair, which happened to be curly, and blue eye which have a slight tint of green in them. Lea absoloulty loves One Direction, and would do anything to meet them. Though, she doesn't remember that in summer '09 she was best mates with Liam Payne. What will happen when she gets tickets from her foster mom, Delia to see One Direction in concert? What happens when she meets them?
*Lea is played by Danielle, but imagine Danielle Blonde c:*


5. Old Relationships, Secret Relationships & Overly Attached Lovers

   ~*Lea's Point of View- Age 5*~


     My hair flies fast behind me as I pass by the mailbox yet again. My teddy bear, BooBear, tightly wrapping in my basket. I'm learning how to ride a bike, a regular bike. My mum smiles from behind me, cheering me on. Looking back one last time, I smile brightly. I can do it, I can do it. I quickly turn the sharp corner, doing exactly what mum had told me to do.

"You can do it, Lea!" My mum cheers from behind me, scowling at my father.

"She can't, she'll fall and hurt herself. We'll have to pay for the damned bill!" My father yells.

"She will be fine, she is a strong girl!"

One last corner until I can stop. 

I swiftly turn the corner, leaning a bit too far. My leg scrapes on the ground, the blood oozing out.

"MUMMY! DADDY!" I scream, crying like a manaic.

"I told you," Daddy mutters, walking away.

My mummy comes rushing toward me, tears streaming down her face. She kneels down close to my frail body, and whispers, "Everything will be alright, sweetie." 

"My leg!" I exclaim.

"Shh, baby. Mumma will make it all better." She whispers, hugging me close.

~*A few months later- Lea's Point of View*~

     Mumma quickly rushes me inside the house, daddy probaly is coming home.

"I want you to go into your room, pretend to sleep alright baby?" She asks.

I nod my head, and go into my room.

Soon enough I hear a scream, than a loud crash. I rush myself down the staircase and see my mum laid out of the floor, covered in blood. 

"MUMMIE!" I scream, beginning to cry.

"YOU WANT TO BE NEXT?" Daddy yells.

I shake my head.

"GO BACK UPSTAIRS!" he yells.

I do as he says, and go back upstairs.

I won't be able to forget this, ever.

~*Louis' Point of View- Now*~

     Harry sends me a devilish smirk, and plants himself next to me.

"What is running through your mind, Haz?" I ask him, his smirk getting larger.

"Oh, nothing" He says all nonchanlant.

"Liar!" I protest.

"I'm just thinking.."

I roll my eyes at him, looking at his head of curls. Those always make him look younger, and hotter.

"Why are you staring at me?" Harry asks, taking me out of my daze.

"I, err, um. Sorry." I mutter, blushing lightly.

I think I am starting to fancy my best friend. uh oh.

"It's fine, mate." Harry reassures.

"I'm still sorry." I mutter.

Harry scoots closer to me, smirking again.

"Why you smirk?" I ask, putting on a mexican accent.

"Because I can, beotch!" 

I chuckle, and lean back in my chair. I am definitely falling in love with Harry.

"WHY SO DEEP IN THOUGHT?!" Harry yells in my ear.

"BECAUSE I THINK I FANCY YOU!" I yell, immeditly covering my mouth back up.

"You might what?"

I gulp and turn away.


He turns my head with his fingertips, licking his lips. He slowly puts his soft lips on mine, kissing me softly.

Damn, he has soft lips.

~*Author's Note*~

Yeah, I know.

it is bad.

Very, very VERY bad.



Copyright 2013 LeaPayne (CC)

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