Remember Summer '09

Lea was your average 17 year old with her long blonde hair, which happened to be curly, and blue eye which have a slight tint of green in them. Lea absoloulty loves One Direction, and would do anything to meet them. Though, she doesn't remember that in summer '09 she was best mates with Liam Payne. What will happen when she gets tickets from her foster mom, Delia to see One Direction in concert? What happens when she meets them?
*Lea is played by Danielle, but imagine Danielle Blonde c:*


10. Genders & Celebrations

~*Lea's Point of View*~ 

    My hands were shaking as I waited for the dreaded reply from Liam. It wasn't technically my fault, if you thought about it. It was my friend called Sloane's idea to go to the bar. She had insisted it'd be fun, and insisted that I'd like it. I hadn't hung out with her since summer '09, so the idea of going to the bar waws nice, due to her being there -though after what happened, I hadn't heard from her. 

     I looked over at Niall again, his plump lips practially begging me to kiss them. Remember Lea, you're in a relationship. I sighed heavily, heaving myself up. 

     "What if he tries to kill the baby? Or what if he beats you up, Niall?" I ask him, biting my lip. My hand abrubtly landed on my stomach as I stared at Niall. He was going to be the father of my child, not my boyfriend... 

     "Liam couldn't hurt a fly, Lea-Bug," He smiled reassuringly, "He won't hurt either of us, and will probably treat our little boy or girl like his own." 

     I looked at what Liam sent me quickly, "I can't do this, Lea. We're over, I'm sorry. I can't do it, it's too much to ask for. With you constantly worrying, now a baby that isn't even mine. I can't love you for cheating, either. I'm sorry, Lea."

     I felt the hot, salty tears cascade down my cheeks as I looked up at Niall. I handed him my phone, wiping the tears. I can't be weak right now, not for at least eight more months. 

     "That's rude, what he's doing." Niall said, handing my phone back to me. I nodded in agreement, I couldn't help I was horny while drunk. 

     "I-I need some time alone," I walked silently to the room I've been staying in at Niall's flat he shares with Zayn. 

     Zayn has been on vacation with Perrie for awhile, to make them closer, boost their relationship up. They refuse to drift apart, and said they'd be spending two months together. During those two months, Niall said I'd be able to stay with him. He doesn't exactly know how much Zayn'll like me around, due to not knowing me as well as he does now -but he thinks it'll all work out, one way or another. 

     I plopped on the bed, curling into a ball. I felt betrayed, though it was I who cheated on Liam. I felt hurt, because I truly loved Liam. I thought we'd be together forever, get married, and have our own children -not me having a baby with his best mate, Niall. 

     I began to think about Niall; how his hair was always so perfect, even when it was all messy, how the brunet met the blond, and how his sparkling blue eye colour met his pupal. I thought about his Irish accent, the way his speach flew out. I thought about how he acted, how the simplist thing could hurt him -but most of all, I thought of my feelings for him. I thought about how it would be like, to date him. He'd be the sweet, loving boyfriend, and father, who if he heard something fall, he'd drop everything and see what it was. He'd be gentle, and sweet, he'd just be himself. He'd do anything to protect the baby, and I. He'd be perfect, and that's just what I love about him -I just love him. 

     I sat up, my heart beating, as if it was skipping beats. It seems that only Niall had this effect on me, and only him. It might be the pregnancy, or I just love him, but this felt weird -but strangely, I liked it. 


     ~*Lea's Point of View - 5 Months Pregnant*~

    I groaned as Niall pulled out of the driveway. Him and I had began to date, and fooslihsly, I had fallen in completely and utter love with him -there was one complication though, I'd fallen so in love with him, I'd began to miss him when he was in a different room. 

     It was immature, but it was those damn pregnancy homones. They made me all weird, and stuff. I don't even know if I'm going to be able to handle my first ultrasound. Yes, I am having my first ultrasound at five months pregnant. Is that even a problem? 

     Niall planned on going with me, but him and the lads have to go record. It was sad, but the album is the only way he's getting money, so he needs to do this to support I, and the newborn child he is going to have. 

     I quickly hitched my purse over my shoulder as I walked into the hospital. I hadn't planned on being here for awhile, espeically due to myself only being sixteen. It's awkward, and the funny looks I got from people made it worse. 

     "Lea-Anne Steele," I said to the receptionist. 

     "Room 21L," She replied, her voice placid. 

     I walked along the halls, my hand on my stomach. It's gotten bigger, and I hadn't exactly cared. There was another life-form growing inside of me, it was beautiful. I had noticed that I was carrying it low, which I believe meant a girl -though I wasn't certain. 

     I walked into the room, greated with a smile from my doctor, Dr. Palait.  He's always been my primary doctor, and always will be. He generally cares for you, if he has known you long enough. It's nice, honestly. 

     "Hello, Lea-Anne. How are you feeling?" He asked, putting on his gloves.

     "Pregnant," I laughed, sitting down on a chair beside his desk. 

     "I want to ask you some questions about the pregnancy, and than we will do the ultrasounds and sonograms," Dr. Palait said, sitting down at his desk. He logged into the computer, than turned back to me. "First question; have you felt like you've been having any heart troubles?" 

     I thought into my pregnancy, and shook my head, "No, I haven't."

     He typed it into his computer, than turned back to me, "Question two; have you felt queasier than you had in your first trimester?" 

     I shook my head again, "Not at all, the morning and night sickness went away when I was four months in." 

     "Third question; have you had any sexual intercourse since finding out about your pregnancy? If so, how many times?" 

     I blushed, Niall and I had at least two-four times during my pregnancy, "Yes." 

     "Final question; do you want to find out the gender of your baby today?" 

     I nodded my head eagerly. I was hoping to have a baby boy, in full truth. "Of course." 

     Dr. Palait led me to a bed, and instructed me to lay down. "Please, lift up your shirt." I did as I was told as he poured some sort of jelly like substance into his hand. He began to rub it on my stomach, than showed me a machine. "This is a Transducer, it'll make it so we can see the baby, and hear it's heartbeat." 

     I smiled as I saw my baby on the screen. My baby, inside of me. It was so small, so tiny compared to adults, or I, living in this world right now. I stared at the screen for awhile, a smile never leaving my face as I stared at my baby

     "Would you like to know the gender now, or later, Lea-Anne?" Dr. Palait asked me.

     "Now, please, while you rub this gel stuff off..." I told him. 

     He began to rub off the gel, "First off, your sonograms are being printed out currently, you'll be able to get them as you leave. And finally, congradulations, you're having a baby boy." 

     My smile got wider as I sat up, "You're kidding me?!" 

     "I can see you're excited, usually the female is disappointed that she isn't having a baby girl." 

     I got off of the bed, "No, I am happy! I have always wanted a little boy!" 

     He handed me the sonogram photos, "Congradulations!" 

     I looked at them, smiling foolishly. I'm having my own little baby boy. This is honestly so perfect.


     I giggled as I sat on the couch, staring down at the sonogram photos. I was so giddy I was having a baby boy! It made my entire day happier. I had already thought of the perfect name for him, Tatum James Horan. It was different, very different -but it was perfect! 

     Niall came through the door, Zayn, Harry and Louis behind him. Liam never talked to the band much anymore, still heartbroken. 

     "Leaaa! We're baaaack!" I heard Niall yell. 

     I stood up, walking into the kitchen where the four lads stood. I had the sonograms against my chest, smiling goofily. 

     "Hey boys!" I said with a cheery tone.

     Louis raised his eyebrow at me, "Is this some sort of pregnancy hormonal thing?" 

     I shook my head, giggling wildly. 

     "Niall, you're girlfriend is scaring the fuck out of me," Zayn said, crossing his arms over his chest.

     "Shh, no swearing, boys. He can hear you!" I scolded them, raising my index finger to my lips. 

     "Did she just say he?" Harry questioned as I nodded my head.

     "I did indeed!" 

     Niall closed the fridge, turned around, and hugged me tightly. "N-Niall, too tight!" 

     He let go of me, taking the sonogram pictures out of my hands. "I-It's my little boy," He whispered. 

     "No, Niall. Our little boy," 


Author's Note:

I really hope you liked it, I plan on updating again today because #TotalUpdateMood c: 

Copyright LeaPayne 2013 ©

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