Remember Summer '09

Lea was your average 17 year old with her long blonde hair, which happened to be curly, and blue eye which have a slight tint of green in them. Lea absoloulty loves One Direction, and would do anything to meet them. Though, she doesn't remember that in summer '09 she was best mates with Liam Payne. What will happen when she gets tickets from her foster mom, Delia to see One Direction in concert? What happens when she meets them?
*Lea is played by Danielle, but imagine Danielle Blonde c:*


3. Flashbacks, Memories & Crushes

     ~*Lea's Point of View- Summer '09*~

     Liam comes running in our cabin, holding a baby?

"Liam, why on earth do you have a baby?" I ask with a laugh.

"Commander said that we needed to do a project, the others where rubbish so I chose parenting." He says, smiling widely.

"So, we have to take care of a doll?"

He nods his hand, and gently places the baby doll in my arms. I start to slowly rock the baby doll, resisting the urgre to tell myself that the baby is real.

"You'd be a perfect mum," Liam whispers, snaking his arms around my waist.

"It's a baby doll, Li." I whisper in return.

He shakes his head, "That doesn't matter, you're perfectly fine with it even if it is fake. Just think of you with a real baby. Perfect. Match."

I blush slightly, and continue to rock the doll. I swear, I hear a soft snore come out of it. I look at Liam and he smirks, "Alright, so maybe I said we'd babysit commanders daughter." 

I roll my eyes, and hold the baby closer, "You could've texted me!" 

He smirks, "I did,"

I furrow my eyebrows, and gently put the baby on my hip. I scroll through my phones messages and see one from Liam. I send him a mini death glare, and start bouncing the baby that is on my hip.

"It's a miracle, I'm 14 years old and haven't even killed the baby yet. Someone bring me an award!" I say with a slight laugh.

Liam rolls his eyes at me, pecking my cheek. I blush and put the baby down on my bed.

"It's also a miracle how I haven't slapped you yet," I tell Liam, smirking a bit.

He puts his hands up in the air defensively, "Hey, hey. You're the one that didn't look at your phone."

I stick my tongue out childishly at him, I'm 14, deal with it.

~*Lea's Point of View- Now*~

     Madlynn gives me a tight hug as I walk off the stage. 

"Mads, you're choking me," I whisper, barely audible.

"Sorry," She says quickly, regaining her regular stance.

"That was awesome!" I yell, laughing at Liam on stage who is doing a monkey face.

"Have you developed a crush on Liam?" Madlynn asks me.

"What?? Nooo," I reply,

She rolls her eyes at me, and pulls me to our seats.

"I think they are gonna end with Little Things," 

"They just sung to me with What Makes You Beautiful, that's always their ending song,"

Madlynn shrugs and turns towards the stage. The lights start to light up slightly, and things start to blink on the screen, various things that make me go into flashbacks, I think their flashbacks.

~*Liam's Point of View*~

     I look at Lea from the corner of my eye. She looks spaced out, as if she's remembering something. Maybe it's a memory from when we where younger. I always think of our memories. 

~*FLASHBACK- No ones Point of View*~

Lea quickly brushed her hair back, smiling at Liam. She put her hair in a tight bun, and started to do a ballerina twirl.

"I can't do it!" She yelled, falling down again.

Liam chuckled lightly, and helped her up again, "You just got to feel the music, let your body sway to the sounds."

"It's ballet, Liam."

Liam stuck his tongue out childishly to her, and sauntered off to the bathroom. Lea quickly took her hair out of the bun, and got outside. She smiled at her friend, Ashley, and sat down beside her.

"Hurry!" Lea said, brushing out the new knots in her hair.

"Dip dying takes time, Lea!" Ashley warned.

"Liam takes forever in the bathroom, but still." 

Ashley carefully took some of Lea's blonde locks, and put them in the dip dye. She let them sit there for 10 minutes(I've never dip dyed, so I don't know how long it stays in) than moves on to the next strans. After an hour of dip dying, Ashley smiled at her finished work.

"Liam is most likely franticly looking for you, hurry up and get your bum in that room," Ashley commanded.

Lea saults her, and walks into the cabin. Liam's jaw drops as he wraped his arms around her waist.

"You look gorgeous," He whispered to her, kissing her forehead.

She blushes immditely and hugs Liam tightly.

"I'll miss you when we have to leave," He whispered to her.

"I'll miss you too, Li," Lea whispered back.

~*END OF FLASHBACK- Liam's Point of View*~

     I quickly snapped out of my daze, and went out of stage. The crazy lights on the big sign ended and the crowed erupted in cheers again.  I looked to my side and saw Harry sending me a wink, and pointing to Lea. I looked toward her and saw her smiling up at me. 

"Thank you all for coming tonight!" I yell into the microphone.

~*Lea's Point of View*~

"Thank you all for coming tonight!" Liam yells into the microphone.

"YOUR WELCOME!" I yell as many fans scream.

Liam smiles down at me, and winks. My heart flutters and my knees start to get weak. 

Am I really falling for Liam.... again?


~*Author's Note*~


This is making me hungry to Nutella, omf. 


Copyright 2013 LeaPayne (CC)

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