Two twin sisters. A Game. The people of the town have to choose which sister they want but they don't know which one. One helps the people the other brings destruction and pain.

This book shows the point of view of one of the sisters and her choice if she is going to keep playing this game or not

Short Story


1. Chapter 1

The Choice

The scream was ear piercing. The town was ablaze as all the others were. A screaming mother was crying out to me to help her but I could not help her as it was a part of the promise of the choice game for when they choose what one of us they want, I cannot interfere in what happens to them and they always choose Blue who they thought would cure their sick but instead Blue is to destroy them. Such a simple mistake as modern fairy tales and TV shows tell them that the devil is the skin colour of red and an angel or fairies as a sweet little white or blue skinned person. They could not be any more wrong. Blue is the destroyer. I, Red am the healer.


 The woman screams louder this time and asks why I won’t help them but they don’t understand that I really do want to help then but I just can’t. I cannot stand to look at this town burn to ash so I turn and walk away like so many times before.


It was so very painful to watch people suffer at first and I would try to help them, try to reach them but every step felt like I had poison in my veins that would slowly weaken me for every step i want to help them but more the poison grew and weakened me until I could walk no more.


Red is laughing and jumping around letting fire burst out of her hands and she looked like she was a child who was having fun in the mid-day sun. One of the houses crumbles into ash right in front of where I was walking. Blue is laughing at me and I say in a frustrated tone, “Did you have to do that?”

Blue said sarcastically, “I am soooo sorry I didn’t see you there.” And that sent her it to another set of giggles. I walk away not planning to get into a fight with Blue.

Blue shouts from behind me, “Aw come on Red don’t be so grumpy; I was just joking with you.”

But I am not listening to her anymore because I don’t want to listen to her. I just want to get away from here; I do not want to see anymore destruction and pain.

I then make the most important choice I would ever make in my whole life. I walk away from this game of destruction and walk to a life where I can be free.


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