Don't let me go

*Aud, please… don’t let me go. I love you. * I turned around still crying and I saw him crying too looking me. His hand touched my cheek and I closed my eyes. Then surprisly, It’s started raining. I opened my eyes and I looked at him. We were all wet but we didn’t care at this time. I began close to him and he mumbled :
*I dreamt for this for too long. Forget about anything. Think about me and you. Us. I want you in my life. Only you. And it’s with you that I want to share with you my dream…*
*And… what is this dream?* He began more closer now.
* Kissing you in the rain.*And he kissed me. I didn’t let go. It was sweet and I didn’t want this kiss to stop. He smiled on the kiss and I smiled too. He let go and smiling to me. I blushed .
* I love you Audrey Dobrev* And he kissed me again. In the rain. Seem like a dream. Just him and me .Us. Together. Forever and always.

" Don't let me go..."


2. Presentation

Hey I'm Audrey Dobrev, yeah I'm Nina's sister. I'm 19 and I live with her in California. I look same as my sister except that I have blue eyes. We are inseparable. When she broke up with Ian, she was devastated. I decided to give her a big surprise: a vacation in Paris. Since she didn't have to play in Vampire's diaries, It was THE great time to go. We were at the beach with friends and I decided to ask her.

"Nina?" She turned her head over me and smiled" Yeah sista?" I approched her and gave her the tickets. " I know it's not your birthday but.. it's for you for two person. Have fun!" She jumped on me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. our friends were asking witch friend she would take. " Aud! Do you come with me?" I was happy but shocked at the same time. I gave her a hug and nodded" I would love to sis!" we let go of our arms and she took her things. " Sis, it's time for shopping!" I nodded and took my things too and we waved at our friends. "PARIS!" I laughed. What I love the most  about her is that she didn't have a *big head* because she's an actress. I'm so lucky to have her! She drove to the mall and we bought some cute clothes. Papz were there but we didn't care. At 6, we were at our house, packing for tomorrow for PARIS! 

" Sis why was that for? I mean the vacation?" I smiled  at her. " Make you happy sis!" she gave me hug and said " Am so lucky to have you, you know that right? Maybe we'll find our loves!!"I giggled and nodded " Maybeeeee" I winked at her. " You know that One direction's gonna be there?" She winked at me. " didn't know "I mumbled. She laughed. Seriously I didn't know.

" Since when you didn't reply his text?" She asked me. I rolled my eyes. " don't remember, time to sleep sis" She giggled and said" Yeah night sis" 

Great, this isn't gonna be a vacation...


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