Don't let me go

*Aud, please… don’t let me go. I love you. * I turned around still crying and I saw him crying too looking me. His hand touched my cheek and I closed my eyes. Then surprisly, It’s started raining. I opened my eyes and I looked at him. We were all wet but we didn’t care at this time. I began close to him and he mumbled :
*I dreamt for this for too long. Forget about anything. Think about me and you. Us. I want you in my life. Only you. And it’s with you that I want to share with you my dream…*
*And… what is this dream?* He began more closer now.
* Kissing you in the rain.*And he kissed me. I didn’t let go. It was sweet and I didn’t want this kiss to stop. He smiled on the kiss and I smiled too. He let go and smiling to me. I blushed .
* I love you Audrey Dobrev* And he kissed me again. In the rain. Seem like a dream. Just him and me .Us. Together. Forever and always.

" Don't let me go..."


4. Paris je t'aime!

"Hey Harry..." I scoffed. Really my chance. "Audrey, we have to go,bye Harry" Nina said grabbing my hand and walking off. " wait up! Audrey!" I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around,with no choices. Harry of course. " Audrey... why didn't you reply any of my calls, I was worried." I rolled my eyes and turned back to Nina. "Bye Harry." and walking fast before He had any chances to talk. When we arrived at our room, I fell on the bed, angrier than ever. and tired also. Nina sat on my bed ( We had two bedrooms in our room), and after a big time of silence, she began to talk:" Why didn't you reply his texts Sis? I thought you liked him." I sat up instanly looking away from her eyes. " yeah, well that was before..." She put her hand on my hand, trying I guess to calm me down. She knew me too well. " Before what sis?" " before he started to be a total jerk!" I got up and put my pj's on and fell again on my bed. she did the same and I said " We're in Paris, No time to be mad or sad. Just time to have fun with my beauty sis with me!" She giggled and winked at me " Yeaaah totally!" She replied,full excited. I laughed and she turned the lights off. By seconds, I fell asleep.


"Bonjour monsieur, nous prendrons deux lattés s'il-vous-plaît." I tried to said in french. the waiter smiled at me and prepared for us our coffee. " You're pretty good sis" I winked at her and she smiled. He gave us our coffee, we paid and walked off. Some papz were there and we talked with them.Yeah well, I'm a singer. That's how I met Harry... Harry STOP BEING IN MY MIND! We arrived at the "Musée du Louvre" and we watched some beautiful paintings, like the "La Joconde" and we took random pictures together. We ate after at "Le saut du Loup" and walked around the place. it was around 4 and we decided to go to the " Carousel du Louvre" and bought some clothes. I loved my day. A perfect day. In Paris. 

We walked back to our hotel, full of joy. We entered to the lobby and saw... him, looking over me.








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