Don't let me go

*Aud, please… don’t let me go. I love you. * I turned around still crying and I saw him crying too looking me. His hand touched my cheek and I closed my eyes. Then surprisly, It’s started raining. I opened my eyes and I looked at him. We were all wet but we didn’t care at this time. I began close to him and he mumbled :
*I dreamt for this for too long. Forget about anything. Think about me and you. Us. I want you in my life. Only you. And it’s with you that I want to share with you my dream…*
*And… what is this dream?* He began more closer now.
* Kissing you in the rain.*And he kissed me. I didn’t let go. It was sweet and I didn’t want this kiss to stop. He smiled on the kiss and I smiled too. He let go and smiling to me. I blushed .
* I love you Audrey Dobrev* And he kissed me again. In the rain. Seem like a dream. Just him and me .Us. Together. Forever and always.

" Don't let me go..."


3. My chance

" Woke up sistaaaa" I opened my eyes to see my sis, Nina just about to throwing a pillow over my face.I got up and looked at the time 5:41AM. Yeah It's time to go very soon. Nina helped me to find my dress and by this time, I put natural makeup "I FIND IT!" She screamed just across my face. I laughed " OKAAAAAY" I screamed back. We laughed and she walked off downstairs. I put my dress and took my bags  then went downstairs to find Nina crossed her arms, waiting for me. "We are okay" I giggled. She took my luggage and Ran to the car, god she's funny! I locked the door and put my purse in the back and sat in the front. She drove to the airport and we were singing happy,  " WE'RE HEREEEE" she screamed again. Poor for my ears... haha. We walked inside and we gave our luggage. Then we waited and finally we went to the plane."I'm so excited Auuu" " Me toooo!" I replied happily. 


" Paris, je t'aime!" she tried to say when we landed in Paris.  we can see now outside the window  the city of love down there. god the effel tower... We walked off the plane and went for our luggages and we stepped outside. "Bienvenue à Paris!" I said. We both screamed and all around us, people were looking at us. We laughed and called a cab. At our hotel, we leave all our things there except our purses and we went for dinner. Great! Papz found us! we walked like we didn't care and we were already at "La tour d'argent". We sat and ordered our things and ate. " That's sooo goood!" She said. I laughed and nodded. We finished and paid then we decided to see the effel tower at night. We went there and some people were there kissing eachother " City of love..." I mumbled.  we took some ramdom pictures and when we were about to go I heard someone's calling my name. I turned my head and saw... "Audrey?..."

Harry, that's my chance.........



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