Don't let me go

*Aud, please… don’t let me go. I love you. * I turned around still crying and I saw him crying too looking me. His hand touched my cheek and I closed my eyes. Then surprisly, It’s started raining. I opened my eyes and I looked at him. We were all wet but we didn’t care at this time. I began close to him and he mumbled :
*I dreamt for this for too long. Forget about anything. Think about me and you. Us. I want you in my life. Only you. And it’s with you that I want to share with you my dream…*
*And… what is this dream?* He began more closer now.
* Kissing you in the rain.*And he kissed me. I didn’t let go. It was sweet and I didn’t want this kiss to stop. He smiled on the kiss and I smiled too. He let go and smiling to me. I blushed .
* I love you Audrey Dobrev* And he kissed me again. In the rain. Seem like a dream. Just him and me .Us. Together. Forever and always.

" Don't let me go..."


6. A New Start

‘’ So Audrey, what’s new in your life?’’

Me and Harry decided after our reconciliation yesterday that it’d be nice to see us at some bistro from here, in Paris. Paparazzis were waiting outside, watching every move they could take from us. It’s kind of embarassing... I mean, all the time! SO well, I decided to ignore them and payingg attention to my friend : Harry Styles.

‘’Well, I’ve been busy with recording some songs for my new album and writting some with Eddy, I’m single... No longer with Josh. And it’s probably all haha, well I’m here with Nina... great times... what about you?’’

‘’ Me I’m with the boys, 24/7 haha, the tour is coming soon, Our new album too so I’m pretty busy too but we decided to take a break here before ... So yeah. I’m single too... Why did you breakup with Josh?’’ He finally asked.

If only you knew.

‘’I saw him more like a friend then a boyfriend... I’m difficult’’ He chuckled before taking a sip of his tea

‘’I’ve been thinking of it... it’d be fun me and you, a duet?’’ I nodded, smilling.

‘’look love, do you want to see the boys? Bring Nina if she’s awake’’ I checked my phone to see a sms from :

Sis<3 :

Are you with Harry? Call me when you can sis, luv xx

I replied instantly :

I am, join us with the boys, penthouse xo

By Seconds, Nina replied :

Perfectoo, I’m waiting you both, see ya x

‘’ She’s waiting us, c’mon curly’’ I winked knew he would remember.

‘’Okay princess’’ I took his arm and we’ve been running to his car since papz were running after us :

‘’ Are you guys a couple guys?’’ All random questions like this... Embarassing.

When we were in the car, he started the engine and drove pretty fast.

‘’Ignore them, they are stupid ‘’ He said in his husky british tone.

I didn’t have time before we were arrived. We went to the elevator to see Nina waiting us like promise. She entered and we both arrived with the smell of chicken and italien food. Niall. At first, I saw Liam watching tv, then he turned his attention on us. When he saw me, his eyes went big :

‘’ AUDREYYYYY IS BACKKKK!’’ he screamed happilly. Instanly, both Niall and Zayn arrived in hurry from I supposed the kitchen .

‘’Audreyyyyyyy ‘’ Niall and Liam both jumped on me. I just gave them back their tight bear hug and it was the turn for Zayn...Zayn. Well.

‘’Happy to see you Audrey’’ He gave me, after a long comtemplation a hug... His smell. They all have something that I really like. Whatever... Where’s Louis?

‘’Where’s Lou?’’ I asked after they gave to my sis hugs too.


‘’ OMGAAAAADDDD AUDREEEYYYYY!’’ Louis. Louis like Liam and Niall,jumped on me with his wet hair without t-shirt. I looked just a little. I chuckled then said :

‘’I missed you guys’’

‘’Us too’’ Zayn said looking deeply in my eyes. Before letting a awkward moment, Harry interrumpt my thoughts.

‘’Let’s all Watch t!’’ All installed in the big sofa with our lunch from Zayn and Niall. From starting from the left, There was : Liam, Harry, me, My sis, Zayn and Louis.

Louis started a movie : Maze Runner . Without expecting, I fell asleep on Harry’s shoulder. 

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