Let's keep it a secret | Harry Styles

Shannon's brother, Kamryn, has the most creepiest friends in her opinion. But when Kamryn makes her get into some trouble with the boys one of his friends, Harry, makes a move on her. Or two. Every time Harry comes over he always seems to find Shannon, eventually they get together. Sneaking into your best friend's sister's room while he's gone for a minute or two isn't the best. But when she takes a trip with her family for the weekend Harry tags along, but what happens when they become exposed? They agreed on one thing, 'Let's keep it a secret.'


2. Who's here?

"I was um...uh..just you know..um.." I try to think of something to say but I can't.

He takes his right hand and takes my hoodie off my head and just stares at my face, "You're just so hot," My cheeks redden at his words as he moves his mouth to my ear. "If you weren't Kamryn's sister I would do a lot to you."

I curl my toes and bite my lip, for once i'm glad that i'm related to Kamryn. "Thanks." I say sarcastically as he moves a little bit out of my space. "Can I go back out there now?' I ask, as if I need to ask.

"Not before I-" before he finishes there is a loud crashing noise which makes me and Harry break eye contact and cock our heads toward the noise. "We'll continue this later." He then just walks away as if nothing happened. 

I quickly put on my hood and open the door and leave, that had to have been something very big. It sounded like a TV, a TV, a TV. Wait. Mr. Dulton has-or had- a TV in his room for meeting. Well. I hate doing this so much. I take glance back in the office as they are all laughing about it, I don't know how they do it, shouldn't they feel horrible? They start messing with the teacher mail boxes and ripping out drawers and bashing the computers. I'm already too far in this mess to do anything. After what feels like forever they walk out of there laughing. Of course trying their best to keep their faces down as they do. I don't see any amusement in this what so ever. 

"Okay, now everyone-" Kamryn stops because he keeps laughing about something with the other boys. "What is so funny?" I ask with attitude slapping my words. "Just-" He starts but keeps laughing. "Do whatever." Kamryn quickly says just before laughing again.

They start to walk away but what do I do? Maybe I should walk towards Kamryn and stay with him? I start walking towards him as he calms down. "Oh no, you're not traveling with me." He says taking to deep breaths to try and stop. "What do I do and with who?" "Since we're separating you can do whatever with whoever. Just make watch to see if anyone is coming."

He starts to go down the hall as Gable follows, Sawyer and Jason go down the other hall leaving me and Harry. I look and Kamryn and he turns around to check on me, "Just go with Harry." He says.

I look at Harry and he has a grin on his face as he grabs my wrist and takes me to the classrooms upstairs. I trip on a stair since he was practically making me speed up the stairs. "I can walk myself, asshole." I say looking at my knee as he turns around. "I scraped my knee!" "Do you need Kamryn to kiss it better?" He asks like i'm a baby. "Excuse me," I say getting up. "I am not that reliant on Kamryn." I am confused by how he was all over me in the office and now he doesn't care about me. "It seems like it." I roll my eyes as we continue up the stairs.

He opens a classroom door and guides us through and as soon as it closes he gently pushes me against it. "Do you think like i'm going to make out with you at some point in time or?" "I'd prefer some point in time." I roll my eyes and walk away as I grab the spray-paint can out of his back pocket.

I try to get the cap off but I can't. I turn around to ask Harry to open it but he's already spray-painting and it smells nasty. "Hey," I say approaching him. "Can you open this?" I read what he sprayed and it says "Fuck You" in black"Harry!" I say elbowing him in his ribcage. "Ow, what?" Harry hands the can back to me. "Don't say such negative things!" I say spray-painting my blue over it. "What do you want it so say? I love you? Come on, Shannon." I steal the black out of his hands and spray "Love You" on it. "Shannon, you can't be serious." Harry says sighing. "If you're going to mess up a school, at least be nice to it."

I grab his wrist and bring him to the other side of the room where there is a plain white wall. I use the blue to make half a heart. "Now make the other half." I say looking at him. "No." He says. "Yes, do it." I demand. "No, I don't have too." "Please." I say knowing he'll do it once I say it. "Fine." When he does the other half it looks horrible. "That's a shitty heart."

For the next five minutes I make him write positive things on the wall, then all of a sudden the four boys bust in. "The fuck did you do in here?" Kamryn asks looking around. "That doesn't matter! The cops are here! Come on!" Gable says keeping quiet so the cops don't hear us. "Fuck." Harry mumbles.

I don't know how they found us in this big high school but okay. I put the cans back in Harry's backpacker and make sure we didn't leave anything in here. They start running but I walk. I mean this high school is huge and there is probably only two cops here just to check it out.

"Shanon come on!" Kamryn says. I told him about how there is probably two cops and one, huge high school building. Kamryn's threatens to tell mom about the China's so I run with them.

They all place their footsteps lightly and quietly on the steps, indicating that I should do the same so the cops don't hear us. If they're even in the building yet. I feel like we're secret agents because Harry peaks around the corner to check if anyone if coming either way. The doors closest to us are ten feet away and to the left, if we leave out those doors we have to run as fast as we can to the right where the parking lot is.

"Which doors are we going to? That door isn't-" I ask whispering but get cut off. "Shhh." They all tell me.

Okay, fine. I look at their faces and they're all deciding. I go a little past Harry and see a police man on the other stair case. That's all I could see just before Harry stuck his arm out and pushed me back. I realize Harry is holding tightly onto my wrist, just as I was about to jerk it away Harry all of a sudden Harry pulls me to the left and I plop onto the floor loudly. I look towards the cop and his eyes land on us.

"Hey! Over here!" The officer yells just before he starts to chase after us.

I quickly stand up as the other boys run leaving me behind. "Stop!' Yells the officer. Yeah, like we're going to stop.

I run as fast as I can to catch up with them, a couple feet ahead of me. I can't look back because he will know my face, he already saw it but it was from a far. I start to cry because I can't get caught, I will be in super huge trouble, and my parents will literally kill me. I slam open the door and keep running, not wanting to look back to see how close he is and/or if he is accompanied by other officers.

As i'm running, I trip, again, loudly, and Harry looks back and quickly runs as he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. He starts to run again, he better not see my face, he better not see my face. I start to cry more, the tears making their way down my face. This stunt will ruin my whole life if we get caught. I want to look up and see what is happening but I dread looking at the disaster behind me. I'm also crying because I landed on my knee on the stairs and outside just now. I'm pretty sure my knee is bleeding. I'd tell him to put me down but I know I wouldn't be able to walk.

The other boys are ahead since Harry had to stop and help me. I don't understand why he did, if anything Kamryn should have. Harry could have gotten caught by helping me, but yet he still saved me. I guess saved would be an appropriate word to use in this situation considering that if he wouldn't have helped me I could have my future jeopardized. 

 I look up and see the cop stopping, looking at us just before we turn the corner. "I think I can run." "You're not going to fall are you?" "No." He quickly puts me down and I go to run but I can barley bend my knee and it's really bloody. He bends down in front of me so I hop on his back.

When we reach the car after another two minutes of running Harry swings open the car door and just throws me in there and he gets in and as soon as Harry feet are in the car Gable takes off. Not giving enough time to close the door. I forgot to sit on a lap so I took Harry's spot so he had to stick his butt in my face.

I scoot over to Sawyer's lap so Harry can sit down. The tears are still fresh on my face as I wipe them away before any of the boys see them. Harry expects me to move back to his but I don't want too.

"Holy shit, what the hell happened?" Jason asks staring at the blood. "I fell." "Stop crying." Kamryn says as the tears want to make a reappearance. "I'm not." I protest slowly moving my eyelashes down onto my fingers to smooth them out and to wipe away my tears itching to drop down. "You were." "Because it stings!" I say. "Incase you didn't notice," I continue. I fell three times. One on the stairs, one in the hallway, and one on the pavement!" I yell.

"Maybe if you learned to walk you wouldn't be bawling your eyes out." Harry says rudely. "I'm not crying, and if you would have let go of me I wouldn't have fellen the first and second time!" I yell once again.

"Fellen? Don't you mean fell?" Sawyer asks.

I'm about to murder every one of them right now. "It doesn't matter! Just get me away from here!" "Someone's mad." Gable says. "I hate every single one of you."

They all comment that they don't care. Is Harry really being an ass because I almost got us caught? Just before he was basically saying 'let me love you', now he's all 'i hate you too'. It's not like we got caught.

"It's bleeding really bad, what do I do?" No one answers me but Harry reaches in his back pocket and pulls out a bandana. Harry wipes the blood off on my leg and tightly ties the bandana around my knee. As he does it hurts genuinely more than anything so I grip Sawyer's shorts very tightly. I give a slight smile to him as a thank you and continue

The car was quit for a couple minutes, everyone trying to process what just happened and how real this was. The trouble we could have gotten into, the anger pointed towards me.

Kamryn breaks the silence, "Well...wasn't that fun?"

The comment makes everyone, except me, laugh lightly.

"Just know i'm never taking you anywhere every again." Kamryn adds. "I didn't wanna come here in the first place." I mutter.

The rest of the ride goes by with no words being said, just the relaxing silence. This is probably the worst thing I could have ever done in my life, mess up a school. I never thought I would have ever in a million years trashed a school. They probably did it because they would never take step in that hell hole ever again.

Gable drops us off first we get out and Kamryn says bye and I get out of Sawyer's lap and pass Harry's and one of them slap my bum as I get out. "Fuck you."  I say slamming the door.

"What's wrong?" Kamryn asks because of my pissy mood.

I ignore him and head for the house. When I get inside the house, Mum i in the kitchen with the lights on. As they hear the door they frantically turn their heads.

"Oh my god, Shanney!" My Mom says rushing over hugging me. "You scared me and your father half to death! Just where did you think you could go?! Where is your brother?!" "He's coming in, did you look outside for us?" I ask. "No, I thought you ran awa-' She gets interrupted by Kam entering and says the exact same thing she said to me.

"I heard that noise again and I made Kamryn come and look again and we looked around outside and it was a opossum. How long were you waiting for us?" "Just a couple minutes-Shannon! What happened to your knee?!" "When we found out it was a possum Kamryn got mad and he pushed me into the thorns." "How come you didn't come inside to get it bandaged up?" "I didn't want to wake you up with all the banging and the crying." I say wanting to cry again. "Wash off your leg and go to bed okay?" "I'd rather sleep but okay."



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