Let's keep it a secret | Harry Styles

Shannon's brother, Kamryn, has the most creepiest friends in her opinion. But when Kamryn makes her get into some trouble with the boys one of his friends, Harry, makes a move on her. Or two. Every time Harry comes over he always seems to find Shannon, eventually they get together. Sneaking into your best friend's sister's room while he's gone for a minute or two isn't the best. But when she takes a trip with her family for the weekend Harry tags along, but what happens when they become exposed? They agreed on one thing, 'Let's keep it a secret.'


4. Sawyer.

I grab two of the pretzel packages and Sawyer gets the rest. As we walk to the table we make small talk, Sawyer is so sweet. Awh. I sit down and we pass around the Pretzels and the cheese. Xander exits Harry's lap and goes to mine. Kamryn and Xander don't get along very much and they don't like each other either.

The boys start talking about nonsense as they eat what I bought for them. Sawyer was the only one who bothered to say thank you, all of a sudden I feel someone kick me, it wasn't on accident. I glance up at Harry and he's smiling. I kick him really hard in the shin.

"Ow." Harry says bringing his hand to where I kicked him. Kamryn smiles but doesn't say anything.

"Why'd you kick him?" Xander asks. "He kicked me!" "No he didn't." He says. "Yes he did! You right here, you felt it!" "Shut up Shanney." Xander says stuffing his face the bite size pretzel.

I roll my eyes, "You do that a lot." Gable says. "I don't care." I say rudely. "Someone has their skinny jeans on too tight." Gable says trying to be funny, which was amusing to the other boys but not me.

Right after we all finish we leave in separate cars, except Sawyer is coming, but he's taking his own car. As I get in I see Harry get in Sawyer's car. He is just looking for trouble.

"I think Sawyer likes you." Kamryn says as I get into the car. "How do you know? He can't be just a good person and help me?" "I see the way he looks at you, but you should know that if you ever date any of my friends I will beat the shit out of whichever one your dating. Possibly you as well, so don't date my friends." "Oh yeah, better watch out or Kamyn Sompson is going to put me in a hospital in critical condition." I tease.

I mean like Kamryn always had his friends wherever he went, as if they were teenage girls. Sometimes he'd invite me with them but they never actually paid attention to me. They never shown any interest in me. I was just there. I never talked or participated in any conversation and they never talked to me. I would sit there on my phone texting my friends and that'd be what I was doing while they do whatever. It kinda changed as we grew older, I mean last year, when I was sixteen was when they started actually talking to me. But that's because I cleaned my appearance up.

I started leaving my hair down and straightening it instead of an ugly bun. I got cute clothes instead of basketball shorts and T-Shirts, I put on make-up, got better friend, and this is the price I pay.

They just graduated high school surprisingly this year, I mean if they can graduate high school so can everyone else. I'm going to be a senior this year which I am not excited for.

Kamryn continues to talk about the subject, "Especially Harry, he'll just break your heart in the end. He'll have sex with you then leave you. He won't stay with you, he never stays with anyone. He isn't interested in dating right now, just sex. I'm looking for sex AND a relationship. If you ever do date Harry it won't last long. Maybe a week. If you still have your virginity, I don't want to know if you still do or not, but don't hand it off to Harry. He's a complete waste of time and good virginity."

I knew what he was trying to do and it worked

"Since the word is out that i'm looking for a girlfriend, I was wondering about one of your friends." Don't say Rylie, don't say Rylie, don't say Rylie. "Rylie." "No." "Why? I only say no to mine because they are my friends and you're too good for them. You can do so much better than them. Mum and Dad would probably tell you to break up with them anyway." It's true. "She's my friend and once you start dating when she comes over she'll hang out with you and not me. Plus, Rylie can do better."

We argue about it all the way home, we didn't yell or get mad, it was civilized. Xander is most likely asleep since crying can make you tired and he hasn't said anything.

I get out of the car and as I pull Xander out Sawyer pulls in. Xander is so heavy. I try to get him out of the seat but I can't. "Xander get up." I say shaking him. Xander whines and ignores my plea. I keep shaking him then he finally hits me really hard in the arm. "Ow you little shit!" I say in pain.

"Do you need help?" Asks a voice as I turn around and reveals Sawyer. "Yes please. He's too big for me to carry around now." It's because i'm weak. Sawyer smiles at me and picks up Xander as Harry gets out. I shut the car door and quickly walk ahead of him to open the door for him.

"You know where his room is right?" I ask. "Yeah." Sawyer says going up the stairs.

I peek out the door and see Kamryn on the phone with someone as Harry comes closer and closer. I quickly turn around and head up to my room before he has a chance to talk to me.

"Shanney." Harry calls as he watches me head for my room. "Shannon!" I correct him as I slam my door and lock it. Maybe I can use Sawyer to make Harry go away? Well I mean I guess I have a little liking to Sawyer but I won't use him just for that. I like him. But I don't like Harry.

I hear a knock at my door, I unlock it and open it and I see Harry. Just before the door shuts he puts his foot in the door. This should be good.

"What do you want? Make it quick." I snap. "Okay." He says making a smirk appear on his face and I realize what he took it in as. "Stop being an ass and tell me what you want." "'Wow, you've changed since we broke into school." Harry teases. "Just tell me what you want." "I just think that you shouldn't associate yourself with Sawyer."

I laugh, "Such a big word for a small boy." "Shanney, i'm serious," My eyes shot daggers at him to the word Shanney. "And i'm serious, call me Shannon or I will break you're fucking fingers." I say as his eyes scan the room behind me. "Oh, the f word came out, such a naughty word for you.."  He stops for a dramatic pause and shoots his eyes to my mine. "Shanney."

I might as well get used to it, he's never going to stop calling me Shanney. Maybe if I show him it doesn't bother me anymore it will stop.

"I don't even like Sawyer so suck it." Slips out of my mouth sassily. "I'm going to go downstairs with Sawyer." I say as I see him exit Xander's room, finally. I slip between Harry and my door frame and go downstairs with Sawyer.

"What the fuck is Harry's problem?" I ask Sawyer as we walk into the kitchen. "He likes you too much." "Yeah, I can tell." "Do you think you have time to tell me that long story now?" Sawyer makes my heart melt when he smiled. "Before I show you, I just wa-" "You let him give you a hickey?!" Sawyer whisper-yells. "It was an in the moment thing last night. But I totally hate him because he's rude and pathetic and it a womanizer."


I knew he wanted to see but he didn't want to ask because it is kinda weird to ask to see a hickey. I take off my light jacket and move my sleeve over so he could see it. "It's not that bad." He says. "I know! Kamryn was really mad when he figured out it was Harry. On the way back here he told me all this stuff about Harry and I was astonished." "Yeah, he's not an ideal boyfriend."

We talked for a while then Harry came down, right as he came down Kamryn entered the door. Kam just looked past him and walked towards us. This is going to be awkward.


Last night Harry left after fifteen minutes because no one was talking to him. He made an excuse but I know it was fake. He took Sawyer's car since he didn't have his own car. He said he'd pick him up whenever. It was really nice just the three of us last night. Kamryn, Sawyer, and I.

I go downstairs and go into the kitchen, it's still morning so Kamryn is still sleeping.

"You're father is coming home today." Mum says excited. "Great." I joke walking over to the fridge. "Why don't you like your father? You used too." "Because he made me do things with him and we still never bonded. We don't have anything in common except family." "You liked doing the cars with him for a long, long time." She says. "Yeah, for like a week. I didn't want to hurt his feelings because he always said he enjoyed doing that with me and it made him happy that I did. So I kept it in for three years and told him I had recently grew out of it when I grew out of it three year ago."

I just don't like my dad. At all. Whenever he asked me to do things with him I felt bad saying no because he just wants to spend time with me. But I just don't like him at all. Kamryn and Dad's relationship is the complete opposite of Dad and I's. They could talk all day and do everything together. Xander is the same with Dad. Xander growing up didn't really have a Dad because he was always gone. He decided to be a murder investigator when I was eight and he flies all over to other investigations all the time and so he was almost never here to Xander. We had Xander when I was ten.

"You're brother is going to the beach and you're going too." Mum says breaking the silence. "What? No! I'm not going with his friends! They could be taking glances at me, and you know my bust is kinda...on the larger side." I say hoping that that would do it. "Yeah, I think that's from your dad's side." She says. "Anyway, you're not going to stay inside all summer like you do every summer. You need to get out there, it's nice out, and besides, they're just glances. Bring Nina, or Aleah, or Savannah, or Rylie." "Nina is in America for vacation, Aleah is visiting her family in Bristol, Savannah is working, and Rylie...I don't know what Rylie is doing." "Maybe you can meet a cute boy. You could use a boyfriend. If that hickey wasn't there then maybe they would know you're single."

I roll my eyes, since it's early  in the morning i'll wait a couple hours to call Rylie. "Are you going with, mum?" I ask. "No because I have to stay home and clean because no one else does it around here." I roll my eyes yet again, she always complains. "When are we leaving?" "Twelve which means Kamryn gets up in an hour and a half."

At least I might have Riley?

Rylie and I are just sitting and talking while the boys play around in the water and check out other girls. Since it's summer there is a lot of other teens here, like that's the majority of the age group. I have yet to take off my shorts and shirt to reveal my bathing suit but I don't want to with everyone around. But of course Rylie is out of hers and into her bathing suit.

"What's that?" Rylie asks. "What's what?" "On your neck." I bring my hand to the spot where Harry left the horrendous mark. "Shannon!" She says smiling and goes to punch my arm playfully but does it a little to hard. Or i'm just bony. I knit my eyebrows together as I rub my arm to where she punched it.

"Who's it from? How long have you had it? Where did you get it? I can't believe you of all people would have one! I can't believe it! You're so innocent!" "Shut up." I say flinging my arm at her, everyone will know about it based on how loud she's announcing it. "Tell me tell me tell me!"

I sigh, "I got it a couple days ago when I..." Do I confess to her that I broke into school? Well, why would she care? "Broke into some place with Kamryn's friends...and...one of them kinda...gave one to me..." "Which one?" I'm glad she didn't ask where it was. "I'm not telling you." I say.

She keeps whining at me to tell her and i'm really getting annoyed but I don't want her to know it was Harry. Like that's embarrassing especially since I hate everything about him. Except his dimples, they're so cute.

"Who what?" A deep voice asks as I look up to see Harry. God damn it. "Who gave her that hickey." Riley says pointing to my neck as she looks at Harry.

A smile appears upon his face and I turn my head to look away as Riley looks at me. After a minute of me looking away and Harry most likely smiling the whole time, she gets it. "Holy shit! You're so-and she's so-and-does Kamryn know?" "Yeah..." "You're dating?" "No, I will never date him." I say laughing. "You two would be cute together despite...." She stops and looks at Harry and his arms and the front of his body and piercings. "all this."

"Don't even." I say grabbing my phone so I could ignore the both of them.

We've been at the beach for probably half an hour now and I haven't been in the water, Rylie wants to go in but I don't. She won't go by herself and every time she asks I say no and she threatens to drive herself home. Whenever she says that I say take me with you which makes her mad.

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