Let's keep it a secret | Harry Styles

Shannon's brother, Kamryn, has the most creepiest friends in her opinion. But when Kamryn makes her get into some trouble with the boys one of his friends, Harry, makes a move on her. Or two. Every time Harry comes over he always seems to find Shannon, eventually they get together. Sneaking into your best friend's sister's room while he's gone for a minute or two isn't the best. But when she takes a trip with her family for the weekend Harry tags along, but what happens when they become exposed? They agreed on one thing, 'Let's keep it a secret.'


5. Sage Fisher

All of a sudden Rylie grabs my arm and makes me stand up and drags me to the water. She bumps me into the shallow water. "Rylie!" I whine as I get up. "You need in the water, socialize with other boys," Rylie says hoping she's convinced me to. "Or you can just do Harry." "No! I am never doing Harry, I don't even like him in the slightest." "I bet you weren't saying that when he gave you that hickey."

I playfully hit her arm and she somehow convinces me to go into the water further, close to touching my shorts. All of a sudden she just pushes me super hard and completely go underwater.

"Rylie!" I yell earning some glares as I sit in the water.  "You needed to take that shit off! And now you have to so go do that and come back."

I stand up and take off my shirt and then the shorts and walking back to the shore staring at Rylie the whole time. I accidentally bump into someone as i'm staring at her.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry, that is my fault-" I stop remembering this boy. "Fuck yourself." I spit at him walking as fast as I can in this water.

"Come on, Shannon, you know you've to have missed me!" The asshole shouts to me. "I'm back and here to stay, babe!"

I look behind me to look and Kamryn and he hasn't seen Sage yet. Sage is one of my brothers old friends, they stopped being friends last summer, when Sage had sex with Kamryn's girlfriend. Now ex. But his ex had a part in it too so it's not like it's all Sage's fault. Sage also is very violent and gets drunk and high all the time and gets into fights. Once he put a guy in the hospital. But for being an asshole, he's so fucking hot. Also they're somehow friends now since recently for some reason, I still hate him. Sage also always hit on me like Harry does but Sage never actually touched me. Somehow, also, Kamryn and Harry made up. Sage would also just harass me all the time since I improved my appearance. Another reason Kamryn ended their friendship.

I place my wet clothing onto my towel and start to go into the water making sure Sage is nowhere near me. I can't find him so I guess he isn't anywhere near me, I make my way back to Rylie and she's staring at Kamryn.

"No no no no no!" I say. "You and him? No. Never. Bye bye." Rylie is not going to like my brother, no way. I'm not letting that happen. "You like Harry, why can't I like your brother?" "I don't like Harry! And because he's my brother, he's sick and disgusting! I'm not letting my best friend going out with a douche! You can do so much better!" "Harry's a douche." Rylie points out. "Which is why I hate him. Like Sage." "Why are you bringing up Sage?" Rylie asks slowly making her way over to my brother.

"I bumped into him down there! You didn't notice that? Him and Kamryn are somehow friends now and I don't understand why anyone would like to be his friend." I say as I arrive at the boys. "What about me?" Kamryn asks. "Fucking Sage is here." I say angrily. "I know, I went out last night and found each other at a party and he said he was going to be in town for a while and we're all cool now. Why do you still hate him?" Kamryn asks as if it's not obvious. "Why do you still hate him?" I ask back. "Why don't you go and talk to your pussy fingerer over there and ask him." Slips out of my mouth.

I hate Sage Fisher with a passion. He could die for all I care. The boys laugh at my choice of words and Rylie gives me a shocked look at how I would say such a thing. I just hate Sage so much. "Well you'll be seeing him a lot more now, Shanney. So get used to it."

I roll my eyes going back to the shore. "Where are you going?" Rylie asks as I walk my way through the water. "Back to our spot." I say.

Going back to that shore was probably the worst idea.

I grab my towel and wrap it around myself and sit down. I see the horrible Sage Fisher coming my way, I look past him to see if Harry is looking so he can walk over here and then Sage could fuck off. But of course, when I actually need him he isn't looking.


"Shannon, Shannon, Shannon," Sage says repeating my name as he sits on the towel next to me. "What has my little Shannon been doing since my long stay away?"

"Nothing." I reply bluntly. "Go light a cigarette, smoke weed, or whatever. Stay away from me." I say trying to make an effort to get him to get away from me. I don't want him near me, he's just an asshole who constantly won't leave me alone.  I have nothing to say to him, and he has obviously everything to say to me.

"Your brother forgave me, when will you?" Sage asks. That literally sounded so sincere but he probably is just putting it in there to make me feel bad about it. But it won't work, so he should just give it up. I hate him so much!

"Sage, can you please just leave me alone?" I ask looking at him trying to be as nice as I can despite who i'm talking to and how much I want to throw him off a cliff.

"I just wanna talk, Shannon, that's all." He sounds too sincere for me to actually believe him. "Just tell me what the fuck you want and leave me alone." I snarl.

"You." Sage says putting his hand on my thigh. "Like I haven't heard that one before." I mumble removing his hand as if it's an everyday thing. "What? Who else has said it?" Sage asks scooting closer to me. "Harry." I say hoping he'd go away to talk to Harry instead of me, while scooting away. "Harry?" Sage asks shocked. "That Harry?" "Yes. That Harry, why is that so hard to believe?"

"I just find it hard to believe because I never thought he could stoop so slow." Sage says. "What's that supposed to mean?" I ask confused of what he's trying to get across. "I don't know, like I never thought Harry would like you. I mean you're very hot don't get me wrong, but I didn't think he'd ever look at you because Kamryn would rip him apart." Sage says. "He'd probably rip you into pieces thought."

Recently Kamryn has started to constantly bring up the topic of his friends and me. Like if I ever date one of his friends then he'll kill us both. He'd kill the one that's dating me because I don't deserve to be happy, but I know he doesn't really mean it. Kamryn probably just doesn't want me to get hurt, like me and Kamryn sometimes have huge fights, but after a couple days we start to like each other again. He'd kill me because I was seeing one of his friends and i'm not supposed to be around his friends. I don't know, Kamryn is just really mental. You know, Sage really isn't that bad.

After a couple minutes of talking with Sage I notice he's actually nice. I mean before he was a rude, mean, inconsiderate hot piece of shit, but him being nice makes him that much more attractive.

"You're not that bad." I say nudging him with my elbow, I see Harry staring at us. I glance over at Kamryn and see he's looking at some girls who might as well have wore nothing to the beach. Girls who come to the beach like that basically complain about the boys staring at them but they know what they're doing and it's so annoying. "See," Sage starts. "I was trying to tell you." "No, you were trying to tell me you want to have sex with me." I say. "I was not going to say it directly, but you know the offers always on the table."

I look back at Harry and see him walking towards us and Rylie still talking to the other boys. I brought Rylie here to socialize with me, not my brother and his friends. "Is that Kamryn's new girlfriend or what? She's not too bad looking." Sage says referring to Rylie.

"Hell no!" I shout. "Rylie is my friend and if she ever dates him i'll rip her boobs off her chest." Sage laughs at that, "I'm serious, who would ever even like him? Like what part of him is attractive, exactly, nothing. He's ugly and he has no personality." "You're so mean." "It's true though." "I heard his dick is quite huge." I gag. "That's what you'll be doin' tonight." Sage says as he winks at me.

"This was going off to a-" I get interrupted by Harry's voice. "I don't think that's how you should be talking to a lady, Fishfish." I laugh at 'fishfish'. "Well this isn't your business now, Styles, is it?" Sage asks starting to form an attitude. "Fishfish, listen, I don't think telling a lady she's going to choke on your huge dick, which actually is the complete opposite word that the girls use referring to your dick, is something you say to a lady."


This is starting to get personal, I don't need a fight right now. I don't know if it would be over me, or if it would be over Harry getting in our business. I didn't think much of what Sage said, i don't know why Harry cares so much. "Okay, Harry, I can handle this, so go fuck off." Harry literally makes me so mad sometimes. He can't leave me alone for one second and it's so annoying. "Listen to the lady, Harry," Sage says calmly. "fuck off." Sage says rather harshly. Harry shoots his eyes to mine, by his facial expression you tell he's is boiling mad. I sigh and get up and take Harrys hand, I take us a couple feet away from where we were.

"What the hell do you actually think you're doing?" I yell at Harry. Harry continues looking at Sage, obviously Sage is doing something to make him mad because I notice his fists clench together tightly. I take my hand to his chin and make him face me, "Ignore him," I say letting my hands go to my sides. "What did you think you were going to do?" I ask again. "I knew he was going to do something to make a move on you, and I kept watching you two and he was going to do something so I just stopped it and I just happened walk in on a inappropriate comment." I sigh again, "I'm fine, Harry. If I need any assis-" I get stopped in mid-sentence to Harry running past me and he just straddles Sage and starts punching his face. I should have kept my hand on his chin, but I didn't want Kamryn to see the gesture.

"Harry!" I yell running over to them as a circle of teenagers from around the two fighting boys. All I can say is stop it but nothing is helping, of course they're not going to stop because I say so. No one is pulling them apart, Sage flips them over and now Sage in on the top punching Harry. I look over into the water and they're just calmly taking their time walking to the shore.

I quickly trudge through the water as fast as I can. I stop when they are five feet ahead of me. "That's Sage and Harry!" I shout covers the sides of my mouth to make my voice louder. Then they start trudging as fast as they can through the water.

They better hurry before the beach control gets here. As we arrive back on shore I push myself through the teens and see both of their faces are bloody. I'm panicking, I don't know what to do except watch in fear. Kamryn and his friends finally pull them apart, Sage's friends were just watching, it's clear that Sage won. They're both yelling profanities at each other and trying to get out of the holders reach but they're both unsuccessful. This is all my fault.

Right after that happened and they calmed down Sawyer walked Harry to the car while the rest of us packed up the stuff. We place everything that is the other boys in their car and everything that is ours in our trunk. Harry wants drive back with us instead of them. As soon as everyone is situated we start to drive off in silence, Kamryn just has to be an asshole.

"Why the hell did you do that?" Kamryn asks calmly. Okay, as long as there is no attit-"Because he was fucking with your sister and you weren't going to notice it!" Harry yells. "Why do you care about what he's doing to her?" Kamryn tries to keep his voice calm as much as he can considering how mad he must be. "You know how much of a douche Sage is, he could probably over power her! He has his ways and we all know that!" "But why do you care?!" Kamryn yells just full out losing his patience with angry harry. Kamryn can't stand to be yelled when he's done nothing wrong. Things got quiet for a minute, Harry not having an answer to his question. I look at Rylie who's looking at me. "I don't know." Harry says lowly, I think things are cooling down now.

"She's your sister and if you're not going to watch over her with hormonal teenage boys around then who will?" Spoke too soon. I looked at Kamryn and the look on his face made him so mad. I wouldn't be surprised if they just started swinging at each other right now, but they won't. They just yell and yell and yell and i've had enough.

"Shut up!" I say. "Shut the fuck up!" They stop whatever the hell they're saying to listen to me. "If one of you yell one more fucking time I will rip off your dicks, just shut the hell up. Who cares why he cares? Maybe he's right, maybe you should have been watching over me. Especially with Sage, you know what he can do and what he's capable of. But you didn't, which is fine, if Harry wasn't there who knows what would have happened. But I doubt Sage and I would have went down that road. But he was starting to bother me but I didn't see a need for Harry to go off and beat the shit out of him and have Harry completely lose."

If I was one of the boys Harry would probably have punched me in the face for pointing out that he lost, but i'm a girl, and Kamryn's sister. So he just swallows it down.

"What was he doing anyway?" Rylie asks. "Sage was fucking doing the hip thrusts and the blowjob motion." Harry says making sure Kamryn heard what Sage was doing. "You must be a guy magnet huh, Shannon?" Rylie nudges my arm, I ignore her. The rest of the car ride was complete and utter silence except the radio playing to fill in the quietness.


We dropped off Rylie and headed home. When we got home Kamryn went into his room to pout leaving me and Harry. Harry sits at the table thinking about god knows what. I get out a washcloth from the bathroom and wet it. I stand in front of Harry and start to gently wipe away the dried blood around his face. I mean why would you ever even hit someone that hard over a girl? Or whatever the hell they were fighting over.

"You should change." He says as I gently try to wipe away the blood. "Why?" "Because you're turning me on in that bikini." It makes me smile to know that he's okay and things aren't awkward between us. "Well that can wait." I say.

I'm really starting to like Harry more than a friend but yet I completely and utterly hate him. Despite all the tattoos and piercings he is still so cute. "How do you not have a girlfriend?" Fuck. I said that out loud. Damn it damn it damn it. "What do you mean?" He asks smiling as clear him up. There's no working around what i said so might as well give him a straight answer. "Like..." I start to get really nervous. "I mean like you're cute....and...you're really cute."

I should just leave before I embarrass myself more than I am already. "So cute makes girls like guys? I don't think any girl likes a guy with endless tattoos. I don't even know why I fucking got all of these." "Well I think you're cute." My heart is pounding, things are just spilling out of my mouth. "One girl thinks i'm cute, ooo." Harry mockingly as I wipe a little too hard on a spot on his head. "All the girls liked you in high school remember?"  "They didn't like me, they wanted me." "Yeah. Because they liked you." I point out. "In this term, Shannon, wanted means they want to have sex with me." My mind starts to ponder over what sex with Harry is like and what's so great about sex with him that everyone wants it from him?

I have an honest fear of sex. Like someone sticking their a part of their body inside you, stuffing their big thing inside this little thing. My Mom told me her first time hurt like hell, and she bled a little because that's what happens when you've never had sex before. That scared me more than I already was of sex, which was her purpose of telling me that so I don't have it yet.

"What's so great about sex?" I ask honestly. "You wouldn't know because you're a virgin." Harry says. "That's why i'm asking. I'm serious, Harry, what's so great about it? So great that you're willing to do it with someone you never met before? Someone you've known only for five minutes?" Harry takes a minute to think, "Uh...the pleasure? I don't know." "Wow, I never knew that."

 "What?" "Why are you asking?" "What, a virgin can't ask?" I snap. "Are you trying to ask me something without actually telling me?" Harry asks making me more confused than I was before. "I have no clue what you're trying to say." "You're asking this because you want to have sex with me?" He asks with a smile appearing upon his face. "No, I would never!" I say as I stop wiping his face. "Sex with someone else?" "No! I'm just wondering!" I snap again. "No virgin ever just wonders about sex. What's the real reason?" "Nothing." I say as I walk to the sink to wash the cloth.

"Shanney." Harry warns coming close to me. "Don't call me that or i'll give you another black eye to match the other one Sage gave you." Harry starts to snake his arms around my waist, placing his head on my shoulder. I honestly don't care when he touches me anymore because he's never going to stop. He's going to keep asking so just tell him. "The idea of sex scares me." I say quickly but not quickly enough for Harry to hear. "What do you mean?" He asks adding a light laugh. "Don't laugh at me." I say just placing the cloth in the sink as Harry lets go and I just turn around to face him. "I'm sorry. Continue." He says trying to hold down his smile. "I mean it seems scary. What you have hiding under your pants seems very private and I mean the thought of showing someone really scares me. What scares me even more is that someone stuffs their shit inside you, my mom said it hurts like hell. And i'm scared of that pain and sex just seems really scary to me. Or their tongue, or their finger, or a threesome and so on. It just really scares me." I say looking at the floor the entire time. It's embarrassing telling him this, he's the only person i've ever told. This is so personal what I just shared with him. If he tells anybody. I swear. I hate him, why did I tell him? I like him as I hate himI look up at him expecting to see him trying to hide his smile, failing, but when I look up his face is showing no emotion.

I bite my lip and walk away but he grabs my wrist. "What!" I snap yet again. "If you're going to make fun of me I don't want to hear it." "I wasn't going too." "Then what do you want?" "Stay." Harry says pulling me closer. All of a sudden the front door opens and I quickly depart from contact. I hear the voices and it is mumm, Xander, and a deep voice that sound fl-no. No, damn it, Dad! They walk into the house and see us.

"Shanney!" Dad says as he hugs me. "Hi." I say leaving my hands at my sides. "Harry! What happened?" My mother looks at Harry and sees his condition. Kamryn walk down the stairs, joining the conversation. "I just got in a fight." He answers plainly. "With who?" "Sage." That silences the house. "H-how did you see him?" "It was at the beach, mum." I say, annoyed of how she asked where it was. "What was it about?" Coming out of Harry's mouth they'll take it as a bad way, so it better come out of mine and be good. "I bumped into Sage at the beach and he started making inappropriate comments towards me and he wouldn't stop and Harry just happened to be close to see and hear." I say looking at Harry the whole time, lying a little of the story.

"Where was Kamryn?" Dad asks. "I was in the water, like you do at the beach." "Why weren't you with your sister when Sage was around?" "I didn't see him." Kamryn says getting out crisps. "My ass!" I say to his lie. "Shannon." Mum warns at my use of swear words. "How do you not see him? Shouldn't you be checking on your little sister anyway?" Dad interrogates. "I glanced over at her once every minute!" "I'm sure you did! We talked for like five minutes, Kamryn!" Kamryn and my Dad start yelling at each other.

I storm off into my room, what a day.

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