Let's keep it a secret | Harry Styles

Shannon's brother, Kamryn, has the most creepiest friends in her opinion. But when Kamryn makes her get into some trouble with the boys one of his friends, Harry, makes a move on her. Or two. Every time Harry comes over he always seems to find Shannon, eventually they get together. Sneaking into your best friend's sister's room while he's gone for a minute or two isn't the best. But when she takes a trip with her family for the weekend Harry tags along, but what happens when they become exposed? They agreed on one thing, 'Let's keep it a secret.'


1. I'm Uncomfortable.

Shannon's P.O.V.

"No, i'm not going." I say to my brother Kamryn. 

"I'll tell Mum that you were the one that broke the china. I mean it may have been a year ago but you know how mad she was at Reggie and he didn't even do it. I mean Reggie is a dog and she didn't look at him the same for a month. It was you that smashed all those China's on the floor in pieces. You know how much she trusts you and to think you've broke those AND lied to her. Who knows how long it would be til she forgave you. Me and Joey covered for you, you owe us." Kamryn sings. "You wouldn't!" I say hoping he was bluffing. "Watch me," he says making direct eye contact with me as he involves our mother. "Hey Mum, Shanney is the o-" "Okay, i'll do it!' I quickly spat before my brother finished his sentence.

"What Kam?" Mum asks coming down the stairs. "Nothing." Kamryn says as she accepts the answer and continues cleaning. "Why do you want me to go? Don't you have your friends going with you?" "We need eyes outside and watching us." "Can't one of your friends do that?" I complain. "They can but we couldn't decide who does it so I volunteered you, Shannon."

 I take a deep breath, "When do we go?"  "Midnight. When Mum and Dad are in bed in a deep sleep and it's dark out so no one will see us." "But why do you even want to break into school? I thought you hated school." I huff. "Well, since school is out we can't trash teachers things. But we can spray-paint the walls and destroy shit. It'll be fun." He says as if it will be the funnest time of our lives. "Just make sure to be ready before we leave, don't dress in what you'd usually wear, never look up when in the halls, hide your face, and have fun." "Fun. I'm sure that'll be the last thing that comes to my mind while in there."

~ ~ ~ ~

"What the hell are you doing sleeping?" Kamryn asks shaking me awake. "I was tired." I say turning over and pulling the blankets closer to me. "Of course because you can't sleep past ten o'clock." He says ripping the blankets off me. "Get your ass out of bed or I will drag you down the stairs." "Okay, I get it." I whisper.

I trip a lot, and Kamryn's good at sneaking around, and i'm not. I try to sneak food when I wake up in the middle of the night and I end up making noises that have my Dad come down with the lamp in his hand. Kamryn goes down the stairs silently as I make the stairs creak. Kamryn gives me a look that says "I-hate-you-right-now" from the bottom of the stairs. He opens the front door slowly, making a creaking sound. I then hear my parents footsteps and so does Kamryn and he shuts the front door quickly, slowly shutting it before it goes back in the slot. Mum appears at the top of the stairs that give you a straight view of the front door.

"What are you two doing?" Mum asks taking a few steps down the stairs. "Um, I thought I heard someone outside so I woke up Kamryn to check it out..." I lie. "How come you're all still dressed?" "That's simple Mum, we haven't went to bed yet." Kamryn says like that's a good answer. "But you said you were both asleep. Why would you sleep-you know what. I'm too tired for this, just go to bed." "Okay." I smile innocently.

She goes back up the stairs, into her room, and shuts the door. "Phew, that was intense." I say honestly as Kamryn shoots me yet another look that reads 'The Fuck I wrong with you'. "Let's try this again." Kamryn says opening the door fast so it doesn't make as long, or as loud as the first time.

As soon as I walk out he shuts the door quietly, "If we're taking Mom's car why didn't you grab the keys?" I ask hoping this would make us stay home. "We're taking Gable's car." He says walking down the patio steps. "I hate Gable." I whine. "His name, as well." "Too bad now come on." Kam says taking my wrist and making me walk down the driveway.

"How far away is the car?" I whine. "Just a couple houses down, don't worry." "I wasn't." "Whatever, just shut up." His voice filled with attitude. "Well, looks like the wrong person took a nap." "Just stop talking." He says starting to run while still holding my wrist and I almost fall every time. 

"I forgot to tell you, there isn't enough seating for you so you have to sit on one of their laps. Have fun." Kamryn says just before opening the door for me. I look at him and then he quickly gets in the passenger seat, this is the most crammed and junked up car I have ever seen in my life. I wouldn't want to be caught dead in this car, hell, one of them barley fit in the car because he's so tall. I'm uncomfortable around his friends. His friends have tattoos and piercings and are sexual, weird, scary, just graduated seniors while i'm a going to be a senior this year. They're just scary in general. They're not even wearing seat belts, like, do you want to die?

"Are you getting in or not?" Kamryn asks from inside the car. "I just-" "Just sit on Jason's lap." But Jason is the creepiest, I whine inside my head. Jason is right in front of me, waiting for me to sit. I wearily get in and sit on his lap. I sit up straight being careful that the only thing touching him is my butt and I am at the edge of his lap.

Gable starts the car and Kamryn looks back, "You know what, Shanney? Sit on Harry's lap. I don't think Jason would stay appropriate." "What could I do wrong?" Jason asks innocently as I move to Harrys lap that is right next to Jason's. 

Harry isn't too bad, but he's a little like weird..and dark...and creepy. We start to drive along and they speak about various things and i'm about to fall asleep right on his lap. I've already dozed off a little bit. Harrys' phone's text ringtone goes off and he freely just puts his arms around me to read it, his arms landing on my legs. He puts his chin on my shoulder and unlocks his phone. I quickly look up so he doesn't think i'm like snooping, and i'm so uncomfortable. More than I was before. Which seemed impossible to be more uncomfortable. Don't look. Don't look.

He puts his phone away away when replies and removes his head from my shoulder. Oh my gosh. That was so uncomfortable. It was so hard to keep my eyes off of his phone, I mean like I snoop in everything. Which makes Kamryn mad at me all the time because i'm in his business and why I can't hold down a boyfriend. I'm not clingy, it's just like if it's there and they're innocent, why not look?

Then all of a sudden Harry takes the hair from my right shoulder to my left side. What's he doing, what's he doing, what's he doing? He slowly places his lips at the crook of my neck. Harry opens his mouth a little on my skin and leaves it there for a second and his friends snicker as i'm getting put through this torture. Damn it what the fuck is he doing. I'm scared and uncomfortable and I don't know what to do.

"What's so funny?" Kamryn asks as Harry quickly takes his lips off my neck before Kamryn looks back making the two boys in the back seat with me laugh more. "Nothing." Harry says innocently. 

We then continue driving as they continue to talk about stupid stuff. You know what, Harry never got a text back. One of these boys back here, either Jason or Sawyer sent a text him to do that. These assholes. I don't want to say anything to Kamryn because I don't want him to hate Harry. Not that I like Harry. But this was probably just a one time thing, so why ruin friendship over a one time thing? 

Then I feel lips return again, I hate you, Harry. Harry's lips go to the same spot except he starts to lightly suck the skin. He better not leave a hickey or else Kamryn will get his ass. I hit his arm as hard as I could, which couldn't be that hard. "Ow!" He whines. "What?" Gable asks. "She hit me!" "Wh-" Then all of a sudden we make a really sharp turn and since no one has seat belts on we all go to the right and i'm on a lap so my hand lands on Jason's crotch area and my head is a couple inches away from his junk.

I quickly remove my hand, "Sorry!" I say as he brings his hands to his crotch in pain. The other boys laugh. "My bad. I almost missed the parking lot, so I took a sharp turn." Gable apologizes. "We can tell.' Sawyer says. 

As long as we're at this school, I can get away from Harry and get the hell out of this car I am okay. Hopefully. Gable parks the car and we all get out. I turn my head to Harry and give him a look that reads 'what-the-hell' and turn back around. They all put up their hoods so I do the same, they start walking towards the school but i stand by the car, I can't go. I'm too scared. I play with my fingers just standing, waiting for someone to yell at me to come on. Kamryn looks back and sees me by the car. 

"Come on, we don't have much time!" Kamryn yells to me from across the parking lot. "I don't want too." I yell back. Kamryn rolls his eyes and runs towards me. "Keep your head down, don't expose your face, only look up when we're in the classrooms, look out for us and yeah. You're coming." He puts his hand on the back of my head and gently moves my head to face the floor.  He takes my arm and rushes me towards them.

Well. This will be thrilling, won't it?

We get to the doors, hoods up and heads down. You need a key, how else will we get in. "Whoops, look like we need that teachers pass to get in. Oh well let's go home." I say turning around hoping everyone would follow.

But of course my wish is not granted.

"Yes we do," Says Sawyer as he digs into his pockets. "We broke into Mrs. Lennon's house last week for hers while she was gone." "You did what?!" I exclaim. "Are you boys ever afraid of getting caught?" "Us? Get caught? Shanney, we have done many things illegal that you don't know about."

Sawyer grabs it out of his pocket and holds it in front of the pass scanner. The door unlocks. "Ladies first." Sawyer says as he opens it which causes me to roll my eyes. "Aren't you a debbie downer." He says entering behind me.

"She can't stay up past ten and I abruptly woke her up so I didn't expect her to be happy about it."
"I could tell in the car. She kept dozing off."

"Where do we start?" Jason asks looking around. I look at Kamryn and his head jerks to the office, he starts walking towards there with the rest of the boys. "When we finish with the office we can separate." "What do I do?" I ask. "What I told you, watch for someone."

 I see the rest of the lights in the office turn on, what are they going to do? I look around, trying not to look up, to avoid the cameras. Why would anyone want to mess up a school when school is out? No one is going to come in, and no one is going to see us.

I see some of them going into the Principle's office and some into the assistant Principle's office. Nothing is going to happen out here and no one is going to come in so what is the big deal if I leave? I start to walk towards the office and as I get closer I hear things being smashed. What did I get myself into? I open the door and peek into Mr. Ortega's room, the assistant principle. Jason and Sawyer are just breaking the computer. I feel horrible. I'd rather get in trouble for the china's than get into this instead, now. Damn it. I go to look at Mr. Dulton's room, the principle. Even worse. Harry walks out and his eyes land on me, can you say shit? I'm in trouble. Harry starts walking towards me instead of Mr. Ortega's messed up room.

I gulp, uh-oh. Maybe back there was the best choice. I go to turn around as he gets closer and closer to leave but he only turns me around to face him. Harry is a little too close to my face, like he's going to kiss me. With all the destruction, no one heard Harry's wrong doing to me.

"Well, look who decided to finally break the rules." Harry says.

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