Let's keep it a secret | Harry Styles

Shannon's brother, Kamryn, has the most creepiest friends in her opinion. But when Kamryn makes her get into some trouble with the boys one of his friends, Harry, makes a move on her. Or two. Every time Harry comes over he always seems to find Shannon, eventually they get together. Sneaking into your best friend's sister's room while he's gone for a minute or two isn't the best. But when she takes a trip with her family for the weekend Harry tags along, but what happens when they become exposed? They agreed on one thing, 'Let's keep it a secret.'


8. High.

Oh, he is going fucking down to the ground. That's a promise.

"Says the fucking asshole that has slept with the whole damn school! If anyone is a slut and a whore it's you. I'm tired of your ratchet ass being in the same place I am, just because you're hot as hell doesn't mean you can stomp over whoever you want! You're a womanizer and you don't give two shits about anyone's feelings! You're selfish, inconsiderate, an asshole, self centered and I hate you with every bone in my body! You never know when to stop, you just go and go and go. You take things personally at the littlest things, you think everything is yours and when shit doesn't go your way you run off and fuck girls because that solves everything! You think you're all big and bad with your tattoos all over your body and your piercings, you're not, you're a fucking asshole." I yell, catching the attention of many people.

My blood is boiling, he is revolting. I can't stand the sight of him.

"Is it bad that that turned me on?" That was when I had it. "Harry-" Sage stops in midsentence as he watches me slap Harry across the face. I stand there a minute, I get upset and my eyes start to water. "I fucking hate you." I say before storming outside.

I go through the door to the backyard and it leads onto a deck where there are kids smoking weed. One of them happens to be an acquaintance from school, very nice boy, lovely. I snap out of it and I go down the steep deck stairs.

The deck is fairly high up so I sit under it to hide and getaway from everyone. I try to control my breathing and my tears so I don't erupt in sobs. I just don't understand why Harry thinks being an asshole makes him so cool. He never fails to hurt my feelings, I pray that what I said hurt him so bad. If I was sober I could never say those things, even though I said it drunk it doesn't make it any less true. Someone needed to say it and i'm glad it was me.

I hear the door open and hear Sage's voice, "Shannon's not still out here is she?" There was a pause at the table and the boy from earlier says no. They must be really high if they don't remember.

I hear footsteps go down the deck stairs, they turn the corner and then they see me. It's the kid from school. "Need a joint?" He asks joining me under the deck. "I'm good." I say wiping my tears. "I didn't know you did drugs, you're a straight student." "Even a straight A student needs a break." He says. "What's your name again?" I ask him. "Freddie." He responds. "So, Freddie, how do these joints work?" I ask. He smiles at my acceptance.

He gives me his, already blazing. He tells me how to breathe with it. "Oh my god." I say after smoke it. "You don't like it?" "No, it's not that, it felt really good." I bring it back to my mouth and then hold the smoke in my mouth for a little bit as I give it back to him. I blow it out and scoot back against the wall of the house and Freddie does the same.

"I hate my life." I say out of nowhere. "Why? You're not ugly, you're beautiful." Freddie says slipping in a flirtatious comment. "Aw, thank you." I say stealing the joint out of his hands and smoking it. "But looks isn't what makes a life. I just have so much drama going on right now and it's only boys. My brother's friends are the boys. Like before I think we could all agree I use to look like a mentally retarded monkey." I take a break for another huff and then hand it back to him. "Then when I finally started caring what people thought about me I started dressing so much better and I forced myself to talk to other people and people finally liked me. Now that I am all cute and gorgeous as I am told, everyone is always all over me and it's so annoying. You know who Kamryn's friend are right?" I ask. "Kamryn who?" "Krosby?" I ask as if it isn't obvious. "That's your brother?" "Yes, we do have the same last name." I say smiling. "Oh! Okay, I see how that connects now. But yes, I do know who they are."  "Well, I like Sawyer and Sage. I really don't want to like either of them-" I stop because I realize he probably doesn't care.

"What?" Freddie asks. "You probably don't care." "I don't mind. It's better than sitting up there and just laughing all stupidly at nothing. I like it listen, so go ahead if you want." "You know, I always thought you seemed like you were a boring guy. I mean you're cute but you seemed boring, sorry. But now I see you aren't." "I get that a lot. I always thought you seemed that you were annoying." "I probably am." I laugh. "Can I get your number?" He quickly adds, "Not  to add any boy drama, just because you seem really cool." "Yeah of course."

When I finish giving him my number, Kamryn calls. "Hello?" I answer. "Where are you?" "Outside." He then finds out I made out with sage and Harry called me a name and I called harry 843578984593 more names and then slapped him. Luckily he hasn't found out what I did to get him down there. He tell me he is coming outside and then he hangs up.

"My brother is coming out here to get me." "Right now?" He asks. "Yeah." "I gotta go." He gets up and takes on step but I grab his leg so he take anymore. "Why are you so worried? It's just Kamryn." "Something happened and I really can't see him right now, especially if he finds out I gave you weed and even talked to you." "What did you do?" "I'll tell you later." He says as he yanks his leg out of my grip and leaves from under the deck and goes to the front of the house.

I crawl out from under the deck and wait for Kamryn to come out. I her someone come down the stairs and it is Kamryn. Of course, he's only here for me when I don't need him anymore. "Shannon why are you out here?" "To get away from everyone. " I respond. "So, let me get this straight. You got drunk, you made out  with Sage, screamed at Harry, and slapped him?" "Yes." "There is something else you haven't told me." "No there's not." I protest. "How about smoking weed?" "Kamryn!" I yell. "I can't believe you didn't only do those things, you also had to smoke weed. If Mom and Dad find out you will just be grounded, I will be brutally murdered, skinned, and ate. I can't believe you would ever do that, Shannon. "The only one of my friends that live by themselves in Harry, so I guess you have to stay there." Kamryn dare says. "No!" "Shannon, I will be spending the night with you, text mom and dad you are staying with whatever that friend's name is and everything will be fine." "Kamryn, I don't want to see him." I say, my eyes starting to water. Thinking about Harry and what he said to me and what he has ever done to me makes me upset.

"I'll be with you the whole time, if it makes you feel better I will sleep in the same room as you. I'm mad at what he said too but that's just how Harry is." "So it's okay that he calls your sister a slut when she isn't. When it's the first time she kissed someone six months? When she just found someone she actually likes?" Well, the ones with Harry, Kamryn doesn't need to know about. "You like Sage?" He asks. "I really don't want to because he is your friend but I can't help how I feel. He's changed, he's really nice to me and from what I see, mostly everyone." "Sage is using you, Shannon!" "How do you know? He wouldn't tell you would he?" "I don't just hang out with him when you're with us. When he is with us he acts how he used too, when you are added he gets all nice. I'm telling you, he is using you for sex. He'll get it one way or another, don't tell me I didn't warn you if it happens."

Kamryn tells me to get in the back of the car behind the passenger seat so I don't have to look at Harry. After ten minutes I see Harry and Kamryn come out of the house and head to the car. I look at the clock on my phone and it says 1AM. I text my mom that I am at Savannah's and spending the night. They get in the car and the only tension I get is between Harry and I.

I decide to text Freddie to get my mind off Harry before I cry again. "What happened with Kamryn?" My eyes start to shut as stare at the screen. I put down my phone and before I know it, my eyes shut and i'm asleep.


"Shanney, Shanney, wake up." I hear as my eyes slowly open. It's still dark out and we're in the car. Kam unbuckles my seat belt and waits for me to get up, when I look at where we are, it is apartment buildings. Harry must live in an apartment building.  "I have everything set up for you, so you can just go to bed. I know you had a rough night."

We got up the stairs and into the apartment. I slowly take off my shoes and follow Kamryn. This seems way too nice for someone like Harry, it seems like an expensive apartment too. "Here is the guest room, do you want me to sleep in here?" I doubt Harry will come in here and rape me or do something bad so I say no. "I gave you Harry's clothes to sleep in, i'll put your stuff in the wash when you are ready. Take a shower in the morning and we will leave."


(A/N: This little paragraph will be boring bc we have to get to the cliff hanger & bc this kind of a paragraph in a story is boring.)

I wake up and look at the clock. It's 8:30. For some reason after going to bed at 1AM I am wide awake. I look through my phone and no one has said anything, only my mom, and she said okay. Freddie still hasn't answered me. I get up and go to the bathroom and shower. When I finish I dry my hair and put the clothes Kam gave me back on because they are comfortable and no one will be up for a while.

When I leave I have to go through the kitchen to get to the rooms, Harry happens to be in the kitchen. "Shannon, wait."

Here we go.












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