Let's keep it a secret | Harry Styles

Shannon's brother, Kamryn, has the most creepiest friends in her opinion. But when Kamryn makes her get into some trouble with the boys one of his friends, Harry, makes a move on her. Or two. Every time Harry comes over he always seems to find Shannon, eventually they get together. Sneaking into your best friend's sister's room while he's gone for a minute or two isn't the best. But when she takes a trip with her family for the weekend Harry tags along, but what happens when they become exposed? They agreed on one thing, 'Let's keep it a secret.'


3. Go Away.

I turn on the TV and see they are talking about us breaking into the school. Please don't come down yet Mom, please don't see this.

Right now it's nine thirty and my Mom should be up at any minute. When they finish talk about how we broke into the school I hear a knock at the door.

I answer it with my fuzzy pajama pants that have rocket ships on them and a tank top. I look up and see it's Harry. I always put on a bra right when I got out of bed because there are males living in this house and I don't want them to see what I have.

"What do you want? Kamryn is sleeping, you should know that." I say unsatisfied with who is at my door. "I didn't come here to see Kamryn." Harry says leaning in smiling cheekily.

I shut the door in his face and turn around, right as I do so, none other than my Mum walks out of her room.

"Shanney! You don't do that to our guests!" Mum says rushing down the stairs. "Remember how you said he was like family that one time? He's family, so it's okay." I retort. She opens the door and sees Harry. "Harry, what do you need hun? Kamryn is sleeping, you should know that." Mum says to him. "That's what I said!" I say. "Shanney." She warns.

I throw my hands in the air waiting to see what she will say next.

"Well I guess I can tell him to call you when he wakes up and you can take off now, I know he won't get up if I wake him." Thank god! "Or," damn it mum. "You can stay here with Shanney until Kam gets up?" She suggests. "No, no, no way." I protest, this is not happening. "Shanney, why are you being so rude to our guest?"

"Yeah, Shanney. You're hurting my feelings." Harry says looking directly at me. I narrow my eyes at him and walk away groaning. "Here, come in, I have to get ready for work so i'll be upstairs. Shan, be nice!" She calls. I roll my eyes not that she can see, I go to the fridge and see what's in there. I see nothing, I groan yet again. There is ne-

"Nice pj's." "Shut up." I plead. "Not going to happen." "Last night I thought you hated me, what happened?" I say wishing he would still hate me. "Shannon, you almost got us caught." Harry says talking to me like a baby.

I ignore him and continuously look through everything in this house that stores food and there is still nothing. "What do you need from me that you needed to get up at this time for?" I ask hoping it was something I could actually hand to him and he'd go away. "I thought since I saved your life maybe we could take it to the next level. You know, like a mature lady would do." He jokes, at least I hope it was.

I didn't tell you this because it was embarrassing, but last night somehow we got a little too close to each other and we kind of kissed and he kind of gave me a hickey. But it's not that bad, it's going away.

I quickly take my hand to where he left his lips, I totally forgot about it. I hope Mum didn't see it, oh my god. "You really shouldn't have done this to me." I say. Which he laughs, at me? "What's so funny about it?" I ask putting my hands on my hips. "I don't know, maybe because you were basically asking for it in the classroom, you're childishness, or maybe you pajamas, or the way you've never had a hickey before, or how you're probably still a virgi-"

"Shut up, you're such an asshole." "So it's all true?" Harry asks walking towards me. "Get away from me," I start. "I don't want another one of these on my neck." I say directing towards the hickey, he continues to follow me. "Why do you like me all of a sudden?" I ask him.

"All of a sudden?" Harry asks as my back is against the living room wall. "Kamryn has always been in the way of things." He says tilting my chin up to make me look at him.

I knee him in his groin and he removes his hands from the wall that was trapping me and bring them to where I kneed him. "You were never this feisty when I first got to actually talk to you before last night." I roll my eyes and walk over to the couch and sit down, "But seriously, why are you here?" "For you, I told you that." Harry says not daring to come sit in the living room with me. "What do you want from me? What could you possibly want from me that you have to come for me this early?" "Alone time with you."

I roll my eyes, but on the inside i'm smiling because it's sweet. I don't even want to talk to him, I get up and head towards the stairs and see my mum walking past me. I then hear her heels stop clinking against the tile and she spins around on her heels. I widen my eyes. The hickey. I turn around, wishing I would have kept walking. I put my hand on the spot before I turn around.

"What's underneath your hand?" Mum asks walking closer to me. "What? Nothing, why would there be anything under my hand? The only thing under my hand is skin, haha." I am so bad at lying. I'm proud of myself last night at good I was lying. I usually lie like I am now, which is horrible. She removes my hand from my neck and her eyes widen at it. "Is that a hickey?" She asks staring blankly at it.

I don't look at Harry because she will think he did it, of which he did. I see him look up at the corner of my eye as I stare at mum's expression. "You didn't have sex with this new boyfriend did you? You're still a virgin right?"

Oh my god, this is so embarrassing. My cheeks redden a little at her question, Harry will hear. 
"No Mum, I haven't had sex yet." I say. "When do we get to meet him?" She asks smiling. I never thought she'd be so happy about her daughter getting a hickey. "Meet who?" "You're boyfriend silly!" She says, I take a glance at Harry.

With that stupid little smirk on his face, he can tease me all he wants, I waiting for someone who actually loves me. I mean he has quite the reputation for sleeping with girls, of course no parents know that. He just sleeps around to sleep around.

"This boy isn't my boyfriend..." "Shannon Marie Sompson! When did this happen?" She snaps. "When, um, like, um." I don't know, there is very few times I am a good liar. "I didn't see it yesterday." All of a sudden her eyes widen once again. "You and Kamryn weren't checking on what was outside were you? You were at one of his frien-" She stops talking and her eyes get even wider. "You're dating Harry?" "No no no no no no no no." I say loudly. "Never would I ever date that-that-that-idiot! Never! That is the worst possible thing you could ever say to me! That is an insult! No mother! Never will he ever be my boyfriend!"

I look at Harry and he's just smiling at my reaction. "Sawyer?" Mum asks. "Mum!" I yell. "What? I'm just trying to figure out who it is!" "No one you know! Bloody hell!" I yell at her and storm up into my room. "Did you go to a party?" She shouts up the stairs. I slam the door indicating she will never know who it is.

Damn it Kamryn, why can't you have better friends?


Not long after all of that Harry left, it's one o'clock and Kamryn finally got up. Only because me and Xander were arguing with each other over who gets the TV, arguing with a seven year old can be pretty loud.

"What the hell are you two idiots yelling about?" Kamryn asks coming into the kitchen. "Nothing now." I say since I gave Xander the TV remote seconds before Kam came down. "Harry came over for you earlier." "For what?" "I don't know, he didn't disclose that information." I state. "Mom said I had to take Xander shopping today since she can't because she's working. Are you going to come with or do I have to drive by myself?"

I hate driving by myself and with only Xander because I get really scared. I'm more comfortable with Kamryn or my Mom or My Dad, not by myself. The thought scares me, and Kamryn knows it. But if I have to I will do it, i'm just extra scared and cautious.

"Since you hate it I guess I can go and drive you, do y-" Kamryn stops in mid sentence for some reason. "Is that a hickey?" He questions coming closer.

I cover it with my hand, I hate Harry so much. I could just stomp on his head a million times all day. It's going away, but I didn't for this, he brought it upon himself. I just didn't realize what he was doing.

"Pshhh. No. I don't know what you're on." I say. "What's a hickey?" Xander asks. "It is isn't it!" Kamryn yells a smile big on his face. Why is he so happy about it? "No, Kamryn! It isn't!" "What's a hickey?!" Xander screams as we continue to ignore him.

Then all of a sudden Kam just rips my hand off my neck and sees the hickey. "You're going to be in so much trouble when mum comes home!" Xander walks over and sees it. "What's a hickey? Isn't that just a bruise?" "I'm not going to get into trouble. She already saw this morning. Xander, hickey is just another word for a bruise, but bruise it more commonly used." Wow, what a good lie. "She didn't yell?" Kamryn asks with uncertainty.

"She was mad because I didn't know this guy but she didn't care much. She just wanted to know who it was." "Well, Dad won't be happy about it." He says. "It'll be gone by then." "Who's it from?" "Nobody!" "Oh, is it Josh Morales?" "No, how do you know I like him?" "I don't, I was kidding!" Kamryn says laughing. "How would I even get to see him, anyway?" Then anger appears. "What?" "I'm going to kick his ass!" Kamryn says. "Oooo. I'm telling, mum!" Xander says. "I wanted it!" I quickly say to cover for Harry. "Stay the hell away from my friends. Or i'll kick yours too." He says walking away angrily. Whoops. "You're still taking me right?" "Only for Xander."


"Can we go now?" Xander whines. "No, we've only been here for an hour and a half and it took an hour to shop for you and it's only been half an hour for me." "I wanna leave now!" Xander whines almost in tears. "Just hold, I just need to go to Sephora." "Shanney!" He whines starting to cry.

I'd pick him up but he's too heavy. As we walk to find Sephora he's now sobbing letting the whole world know. "Xander, stop crying." I say as we get closer and closer. "I wanna go home!" Xander cries out embarrassing me.

I pull him aside to get out of people's way and bend down to his height. "Xander, you are not a baby anymore. You're going to the third grade this year, you can't be acting like this if you're going to be a big boy. Now we're just going to go to Sephora and get something to eat here and then we can find Kamryn and leave and maybe if your good, we can get ice cream. Okay?" Xander nods wiping away his tears. "Okay."

We finally get to Sephora and I buy my make-up and we start heading towards the food court. As we walk by the tables I hear a wolf whistle. I turn and see Kamryn and his friends then they all laugh. "That's Shannon!" Sawyer says laughing.

I guess they were trying to get some ladies, I wonder which one did that. "There." I say pushing Xander's back and he almost trips. "Shanney!" He whines while starting to cry again.

I roll my eyes and go to the little snack place get five orders of little bite size pretzels. Four for the boys and then one for me and Xander and a drink and I can't carry it all. I look over to them and none of them are looking at me, Xander is on Harry's lap and I see they added a chair there for me. I can't hold five little boxes and a large drink. I was just about to call out for Kamryn but then Sawyer spots me.
I wave him over and he gets up and starts walking over to me. I think Sawyer is the sweetest one in the group, his hair is his natural blonde with his tattoos scattered down his arm. His muscular arms moving as his body walks to me, his eyebrow barbell having reflections shown through it. I never really thought much of him, I never really cared for him. As soon as he reaches me he asks what I need.

"I have more food than I can put in my hands." I say. "What did you get?" He asks. "Just little pretzels for the rest of the boys and a large drink." I say as I watch the lady behind the counter fill my drink as the other lady grabs the pretzels and places them on the counter. "So what did you boys do?" I ask. "We just walked around harassing girls. Well. I didn't but they did." "Lovely." I say as the lady hands me the drink. As we walk back over Sawyer asks me why Harry and Kamryn aren't talking. I just say it's a long story.


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