Let's keep it a secret | Harry Styles

Shannon's brother, Kamryn, has the most creepiest friends in her opinion. But when Kamryn makes her get into some trouble with the boys one of his friends, Harry, makes a move on her. Or two. Every time Harry comes over he always seems to find Shannon, eventually they get together. Sneaking into your best friend's sister's room while he's gone for a minute or two isn't the best. But when she takes a trip with her family for the weekend Harry tags along, but what happens when they become exposed? They agreed on one thing, 'Let's keep it a secret.'


6. Cry Fest.

Savannah keeps begging me to go to this party because she has no one to go with. She knows drunk parties with sweaty people around isn't my thing. We learned that last year when I was so nervous when I was around this one drunk boy that kept hitting on me I threw up all over him and it was such a disaster and no one will let me live it down and I was grounded for two weeks. I didn't drink or anything, I told my mum I was going to a party, not a party for teenage kids to get drunk. I keep telling Savannah no but she keeps begging. I told her she can go alone but apparently she can't because it can 'ruin her reputation'. Savannah is going to end up having sex with some dude and i'm left alone to puke on another drunk guy. I know she'll ditch me for a fact. She keeps on saying she won't but I know she will.

"You never know, Nin-nin. Harry might be there."

How does she know about Harry? Rylie! Savvy makes a very long speech through text saying I should go because we're seniors and we're growing up really quick and we shall enjoy while we can. Has she forgotten about me puking? I hear Kamryn pass by the door and call him in.

"What?" Kamryn asks nicely, which means he's going somewhere. "Are you going anywhere tonight?" I ask. "Yeah, a party, why?" "That's probably the one that Savannah wants me to go to." I say grabbing my phone. Well, if Kamryn and Harry, I can go by them so maybe I won't be nervous. "Remember last time when you threw up on that guy?" Kamryn brings up and starts laughing loudly. "The whole school was talking about it, it was hilarious!" "Kamryn!" I whine. "Want me to drive you with us?" I think about that question for a second but then decide against it. "No," I say. "I'll have Savannah drive me." "That's wasting gas, Shanney." Kam starts, "I'm just picking up Harry then we're going. None of the other boys will be there. They are all going to a different party." I agree, then realize I just said i'll go to the party.

I text Savannah and she thanks me millions of times, I find out we're leaving at eleven, a little late for my liking, but one of them can drive me home? Unless they're both drunk, but what if that does happen? I don't know if I want to go anymore. I already told Savannah and she better stick to her word. How will I get this past Mum?

I start to get ready, I shower and get dressed and do my hair and makeup and within and hour and a half i'm done. Since it's warm out and i'm going to be trapped in a hot house with bodies giving off body heat I should dress for it. My hair's in a ponytail, I have a red flannel and I basically made it into a muscle tank, where you just cut it down the sides. Then some regular blue shorts and some black vans and I was ready.

I sat in the back and played on my phone the whole time. "Right, Shanney?" I suddenly hear. I look up and see Harry is already in the car. Judging by the look on his face he didn't know I was here either. I wish I would have listened so I know what they talk about when i'm not here. Obviously Kamryn would know not to talk about stuff like whatever they talk about around me, but what about Harry? I wonder what goes through his mind all day.

We arrive at the residence, this house is in the middle of nowhere but this house is huge. We had to have drove at least 45 minutes from Harry's house, it was a really long drive. We get out of the car and my heart starts beating really fast.

Literally this is the most i've ever done in one summer. I've been to he mall, beach, this party, that's a lot for me. I hardly go anywhere. I hear rap music and i'm pretty sure that's all i'll hear all night.

"Don't puke again." Kamryn says as he gets out of the car. "Kamryn!" I whine, he always says something I don't like so I whine. It's our nature. "I'm scared." I say. "Hold my hand." He teases, I actually grab it and he digs his finger nails into me. "Ow! Kamryn! Stop!" I yell and he lets go. "Kamryn, stop bullying your sister." Harry says, I forgot he was here.  "Shut up, there's Nat, play it cool." Kamryn says, as if I will. "She doesn't look very cute." I say. He grabs my wrist and shoves me into Harry. "Kamryn!" "Stop whining, you're so annoying." I get angry and kick his ankle. "Shannon!" "Who's whining now?!" Harry then moves me to this other side so Harry is in between us.

My phone vibrates so I check it and Savannah says she's driving up the long drive-way. Savannah left fifteen minutes after we did and she lives father away so I don't know how she got here unless she sped.

I ask Harry to come back to the car with me because I don't want to go alone. He comes with and Kamryn walks up to this Natalie, at least I think, Nat was her nickname. Savannah calls me all of sudden.

"Where are you?" She asks. "I'm right in the driveway." I say. "I'm in my car and I don't see you, how is this possible?" Then it hits me. "We're at different places." I sigh. "Shannon!" Savannah screams through the phone and I have to take it away from my ear so I can keep my hearing in my right ear. "How can you do this to me?!" "I didn't think this such thing existed! It's Kamryn's fault, he convinced me to drive with him!" She says profanities under her breath and we end the call shortly after.

"Sucks." Harry says. "I'm going to tag along with you and Kamryn because I have no one else." "Kamryn and I seperate at parties." "Why?" "I don't know, he just finds girls and hits on them." Harry says as we begin to walk back to the house together. "And what do you do?" I look at him and he looks at me, not saying anything. Then I get the idea. "Oh."

I don't say anything else then we get inside. People everywhere. "What if that guy I puked on last year is in here?" I ask in Harry's ear as we enter, on my tip-toes because he didn't bend down to get to my height to listen. He just smiles and is sort of distant now for some reason.

He should be more careful now that we're in a place with other males. It starts to annoy me because he's just walking around, chugging alcohol, basically not even checking to see if i'm still there. He wants to lose me! I thought he'd be glad to have me around! I stop for a second to pout but then I loose him, it was only two seconds! I feel like i'm going to throw up again, I put my hand on my stomach. I take some deep breaths, then someone gets shoved into me and I bump into someone else and they give me a weird look.

The boys that bumped into my apologizes and I apologize to the boy I bumped into. I quickly got away from that area because that boy looked really scary, like he had scary intentions. He probably wasn't even going to do anything scary, i'm just stereotyping. I don't even know where I am in this house, I lost where the door was. I see a back door but i'm scared at what that'll lead too.

I'm almost going to cry, and I feel like i'm about to throw up. I turn around and start to try and remember where I came from. He did so much walking I lost where I was. Doing this made me even more lost than I already was. I somehow ended up in a kitchen, I think i'm almost to the door. I walk out and I think i'm on the opposite side of the house? I get out my phone and dial Kamryn's number but he doesn't pick up. He's probably still mad at me.

I somehow find Harry after what feels like eternity. "Harry!" I say putting my hand on his shoulder and forcing him to turn around. He sees me and smiles. He chugs the red plastic cup and squashes it in his hand and opens his hand and it falls to the floor. Harry puts his hands on my lower back and has us walk backwards so i'm against the wall. Is he-

He's kissing me, oh my god. Harry shoves his tongue into my mouth, I taste the alcohol that he consumed seconds ago. He has to have had a lot because he seems so drunk and the taste is so strong.

I could swear we've been making out for who knows how long. I wonder where Kamryn is. I mean it's not like i'm inexperienced when it comes to kissing, like i've had a boyfriend before. My last one was about six months ago, Seth, he just ended it with me for some reason and we've never spoke again.

I pull away from him, "No. No." "What?" "I can't do this with you, it's..." "It's what, Shannon?" If I s say because of Kamryn he'll say who cares about him. I like Sawyer. What isn't to like about Sawyer? "I like someone else."

His whole vibe just suddenly changes. "Okay. Whatever." Harry says then pushes his way through the crowd. I follow him to see where he is going and then he approaches a group of two girls. I watch him as they giggle at something he said. Then he grabs both their hands and passes by me, but he doesn't look at me. He is so rude! Why does he have two gi-oh my gosh.

For some reason it makes me upset. Not that I wish it was me he was taking up there, just everything about him and what's happened recently. He's mean to me and he can be nice. I hate him and sometimes I like him too. I wipe my eyes. I need to realize he isn't an ideal person to date. I remember what Kamryn says as I take it to heart. It does little affect. I start asking around if people have seen Kamryn Sompson walking around and no one says anything. It makes me frustrated that he won't answer his phone and no one knows where he is. I go into a dining room with a couple couples making out and getting really into it.

I sit at the very end of the long table in a chair and just sit there. As I start to think about everything I start to cry. I put my arms down on the table and bury my face in my arms and start to bawl basically.

Then I hear a girl voice ask "Sweetie, are you okay?" I look up and I still have no idea who this is. "No." I say still crying. "What started the crying fest?" I tell her but she didn't understand me through my crying as I spoke and frankly, neither did I. "Tell me again, but clearer." "I lost my brother and this guy that I like slash hate was making out with me and then I told him to quit because i'm torn between him and someone else and that someone else is a lot better than he is but I still like this boy I made out with and he just walked off and found two girls and he is upstairs probably having a threesome right now." I say trying not to cry. "You can't find your brother and your torn between two guys and so you said no to the one making out with you and he is having sex with two girls right now?" "And he passed right by me and didn't even look at me!" I say crying again. "What's your name?" She asks me. "Shannon." I say crying. "Sompson?" "Yes, how did you know?" "I'm Callie, and because there is not much Shannon's around and your brother is pretty popular and your his sister. I've always heard how ugly you were and then everyone started saying you were the hottest girl and all the other girls hated you. I though you wouldn't be that big of deal but you're way better than I thought. " "Thanks." I say wiping my eyes. "Next time wear water proof mascara." She says taking my wrist and getting me out of the chair and guiding me somewhere.

I see it's a bathroom and there is tons of people in line and to our luck the door opens and she take both of us inside. We just cut a lot of angry drunk people.

"What are you doing?" I ask wiping my nose with my bare arm. "Fixing you up." Callie says bringing a make-up remover pad to my eye. "So, tell me these guys you who you like." She says as she does whatever she's doing to my face. I tell her about Sawyer and Harry of which to no surprise she knew who they were. Just how I felt about them and things that were important to tell. Then I tell her the deal with Sage Fisher. "You have it all, Shannon." "It's more of  burden than a dream come true, trust me." I say as she finishes.

People have been banging on the door and groaning at us to hurry up. "Look at yourself in the mirror. When I get off the toilet and look in the mirror I look amazing. "I do this everyday! How did you even?" I ask turning to her. "I do hair and make-up at a salon." "How old are you?" I ask. "Twenty-three. Don't tell anyone." "You look like you're nineteen." Then she takes down my hair. "Why did you do that?" "You look hotter that way." Callie sprawls it around my back and shoulders. "You are so amazing at this."

"Why don't we get your mind off things and get you out there and meet some boys to bang?" "I'm still a virgin." I admit. There is just this vibe I get off her that make me want to tell her everything. "Oh, well, to kiss? Or just talk. Maybe when Harry comes down we can find someone close to make them jealous." "He'll probably beat their ass." I say. "He won't." She says opening the door.

A boat full of cheers erupt at our exit. It was to us for finally getting out of the bathroom. "Where do we start?"

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