Depression's Poems

This is my first Movella. It is just a compilment of multiple poems have have written when I'm sad or depressed. There are a few that were written by a friend or a friend helped me with it. Thanks to Music Freak and LoveOfTheMusic.


6. Theft


Not of something
Materially valuable
But something valuable
None the less

Robbed of your friends
Your old happy way of life
The one person you love
the most.

All of it.
By one stupid decision

Life was fun
I was in love
I had good friend
The best friends

And all of it
Yanked away
By the people
Who call themselves your

Parents are suppose to be
There for you when
No one else is.

Thats what they
Are suppose to be
That doesn't have
To make them that tho.

Everything I once knew
Is gone.
Everything I cared about
Is gone.
Everyone I loved
Is gone.

And they are stolen from me
From the people who say
They love me the most.

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