Depression's Poems

This is my first Movella. It is just a compilment of multiple poems have have written when I'm sad or depressed. There are a few that were written by a friend or a friend helped me with it. Thanks to Music Freak and LoveOfTheMusic.


3. Heartbreak


It's unexpected.
It wasn't suppose to happen.
But it still did.

It started out perfectly…
"True love."
You flirted,
And eventually went out,

You loved her.
And she loved you.

Then things happen…

Other girls,
And guys,
Threaten the relationship.
Yet you work it out.

You find out things
About her past.
She finds out things.
About your past,
Depressing things,
Happy things,
Sad things,
But you are still together.

Then something happens.
You guys start to argue.

At first it's once in a
"Blue Moon."
Then it becomes more frequent,
"It seems...
Like everytime we talk,
Half of the time we are in love,
And half the time
We argue."

Then it stops.
No more arguments.
For weeks.
Its finally happy again.

Then it happens…
S/he leaves you.

That's what heartbreak is.
Everything sees fine,
And s/he leaves you.

S/he walks away,
After everything
You have been through together.
They just give up.

S/he doesn't give a reason,
S/he just leaves.
And you are stunned.
You don't know how to continue.
You just lost,
The best thing in your life,
And you don't know why.

That's why the wisest people,
Stay away from relationships.
They seem crazy to everyone else,
But they aren't.
They just know what the pain feels like.
And they don't wish that,
On their worst enemy.


Stay away from them
Stay single
It will prevent the sting
Of the eventually

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