Depression's Poems

This is my first Movella. It is just a compilment of multiple poems have have written when I'm sad or depressed. There are a few that were written by a friend or a friend helped me with it. Thanks to Music Freak and LoveOfTheMusic.


9. Hatred


Caused death and suffering,
And it goes on and on

It has brought man
To it's lowest point
Nazis vs Jews
Trail of Tears,

These things have been going on
Since man started to walk this earth
Why haven't we changed?
There is no answer

One can only assume…

It runs rampant throughout society
A truely evil force
A diesease you are born with
It can't be stop
Everyone has it

Like it or not
You have it
You know it
You are familar with it
You have been influence by it
It is a part of you

No matter who you are
Or what background you have

You've seen it
Some act influence by it
Has happen to you
You wish for it to stop
But it can't

It can't be stop
Its spread cannot be silenced
It's now a part of human culture

We try deny it
We overlook it
We let it "slide"
But what good is that

Why pretend to say no
When your actions say otherwise

Why scream peace
But you hate your neighbor

What use is it all

Eventually we have to figuare out
That it can't be stop
It won't stop
It will always be there
Plotting a way to win
Trying to crack the thin shell of peace
And it always wins

No matter what you do
No matter who you are
It is there
But it is there

And when it's ready to strike
Nobody will be prepared

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