Expect the Unexpected

a married woman named Holly and her husband Cody have 4 kids, how ironic! well this lady is actually my neighbor! all true. but worst thing is, i dated one of her sons!


1. my neighbor

My neighbor and I love each other so,so,so much.

She is like a second mother to me.

Holly and I have many similar characteristics.

We both love sourkraught by itself

rather than with hotdogs.

We also hate candle-light dinner dates.

There is only one difference, she has 4 kids, 4

terrible,terrible, kids.

They do not listen what-so-ever,

they only care about themselves.

One of the children  does in

fact care and share unlike the others.

Her name is Daizha Claire.

Sometimes  I call her DaeDae.

She is like my real sister.

The annoyance comes in with

James Paul and Justice Donald.

They fight 24/7, all day and all night.

Dont worry, it gets worse!

You wonder how someone can handle so 

many kids, I wouldnt, still cant actually!

I used date the baddest one, Kenneth.

I cant wait to tell you how that ended!

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