bleeding out

when tyler finds out he is being followed by blood thirsty vampires, he finds a girl who is hi best friend, and partner in slaying the vampires


3. training

tylers POV

today we begin our training, savannah stayed over at my house last night because i didn't want to risk her walking alone, she had me do p.e. kinda warm-ups first, like push ups, sit ups, running laps, and hand to hand combat, she is stronger than she looks, she can pin me down easily, which is embarrassing because im taller and older than her, she is only thirteen, but she has been training longer

"how much longer do we have to do this today" i ask lying on the ground, she has just pinned me down again

"until sunset, we can take a break for lunch, but a shot one, you are strong, but if you are going to be my partner you need to be able to pin me down like this first" she says, she gets up, i stay there while she puts her jacket back on, it rained slightly today

"when is our lunch break"  ask

"its only ten thirty tyler" she says laughing

"then where are we going" i ask sitting up

"do you know how to swim" she asks

"yeah" i say

"if you are being chased by a vampire they hate deep water, so you need to be able to swim for a long time in deep water" she says, im not that good at swimming, i can barely stay up above the water, and i get tired within seconds

"how long will we be swimming" i ask

"about an hour, lets go get our suits" she starts to head back to my house, she has a duffle bag in my room, we walk back, im sore all over, my head is pounding, im sweating, and we are going swimming, im starting to regret offering to be her partner

"why today, cant we tomorrow" i whine walking behind her

"no, you never know when we will be attacked next, now come on" she jogs, i groan and jog with her

we get to my house and change, we walk to the lake with a jacket over us and towels,, when we get to the lake it is empty, i step in, it is freezing, she walks in beside me

"come on" she says and pushes me hard, i fall first into the water, im sitting up in it, we are in the shallow end

"what was that for" i ask laughing

"i thought we could have fun training" she says, i get up and grab her, walk to a deeper part of the water, and throw her in, she comes back up shivering

"come and get me" i say, she gets up and grabs me so fast i don't have time to respond, she pulls me in next to her

"come get me" she says and starts swimming out to a small island, i follow, trying as hard as i can to stay up, and look like im doing alright

"you ok back there" savannah calls to me

"perfect" i say and sink under for a second, then pop back up

"you cant swim very well can you" she says

"i can swim fine" i say slowly making my way to the island, she walks to the edge of the shallow end and takes my hand and pulls me over to her

"fine huh" she says

"yeah, i cant swim" i says and laughs, she does too, i pick her up and throw her over my shoulder

"tyler, what are you doing" she says

"im kidnaping you" i simply say

"put me down" she laughs, i walk to shore and run into a small cave

"tyler put me down now" she screams, i put her down but wrap my arms around her, her back is on my stomach, my arms around her stomach, she tries to get free but i hold her there

"but i don't wanna, ill miss you"

savannahs POV

i know what he means by that and blush

"please" i say

"no, i love you too much, im not letting go" he says, i try to wriggle free one last time, his grip only tightens, i give up

"give up" he says

"yes" i say

"do you love me too" he says putting his head on my shoulder

yes, i do, i love you too" he smiles and releases me

"you know that i was talking about that in a friend way" he says

"yeah" i say, my heart sinks, i didn't know he was just being a good friend, but i don't show any change in emotion, or i try not to

"you ok" he asks

"yeah, im fine" i say, he doesn't look too convinced

"are you sure" he says and puts a hand on my shoulder, looking into my eyes, i look away

"yeah, im sure, im just tired" i say, he still doesn't believe me

"really, whats bothering you, you were fin just a few minutes ago" he says and moves his hand to my neck

"i cant say" i turn away, looking away from his beautiful eyes, perfect face, strong body, and i feel horrible, like i wanna cry

"please" he says caringly wrapping his arms around me and putting his head on my shoulder

"no" i run out, to the beach, he follows

"come on" he says stopping a few feet away from the water, im ankle deep, the waves are strong today

"no,  cant" i say wiping away a tear, he walks out to me, i walk away from him, but he turns me around and holds my hands in one of his, his other hand is on my cheek

"i wont stop until you tell me" he says, i swallow a lump in my throat and let out a cry, he pulls me in a hug, i hug back

"really, tell me" he says

"you'll think im weak and stupid" i say, crying into his bare shoulder

"no i wont, i promise" he says, i take a deep breath, ready to tell him

"when you said i love you to me i thought you meant it, and when you said it was just in a friend way it hurt me because i like you" he turns serious

"i did mean it at first, but i thought you didn't feel the same way so i said that" he says, i cheer up a little

"really" i ask and look up at him

"yeah" he smiles, we swim back and walk to his house, tired, and in love

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