bleeding out

when tyler finds out he is being followed by blood thirsty vampires, he finds a girl who is hi best friend, and partner in slaying the vampires


1. now

its dark, im walking out on the street at midnight on patrol with my partner savannah, my best friend and companion, we kill vampires, after they tried to kill me, she stood up for me and started helping, even though she has vampire blood, her mother is a vampire,  but she completely hates them, i have kept her from killing herself multiple times, but she keeps trying

"i see one" she says and runs to the park, i follow her, a young man, six feet tall, drinks the blood of a little girl, about five, her mother dead on the ground next to them, savannah swings her sword at the vampires stomach, he doges it and drops the girl and chases her, i check on the girl, she is alive, but barely

"tyler help" savannah yells, the vampire has her in his arms, drinking her blood, i run over and stab the beast in the stomach, it falls to the ground, savannah falls weak too, but i catch her and help her up

"you ok" i ask her, she puts a hand to her head

"yeah, he had a power that stopped me in mid air" she says, i stab toe vampire in the head, making sure its dead

"that's unusual, this one must be different

" i say, savannah is a little pale

"you need some rest, you were drained" i put a hand on her cheek, she is cold, she collapses in my arms, i carry back to my house not too far from here, i lay her on my bed, she is awake, but not for long

"tyler, i need to tell you something" i lean in close to her

"that vampire we killed earlier, was my brother seeking for revenge on me after i made him that way" she says

"but what happened to make him that way" i ask

"i bit him and made him that way when i was transforming, i went crazy and bit him, he has been searching for me since" she says quietly

"wow, now get some rest ill keep watch, you need you strength for school tomorrow" she nods and closes her eyes, i sit on the bed the rest of the night, with her, i love her, in a friend kind of way, but also in a deeper way, i wonder if she feels the same about me

what, you want to know the beginning of the story, like how this all became mine and savannahs job, ok, but it will get rough a lot, fair warning



hey, what do you think, want me to continue, comment below what you think, thanks guys for taking time to read, love you all


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