bleeding out

when tyler finds out he is being followed by blood thirsty vampires, he finds a girl who is hi best friend, and partner in slaying the vampires


4. broken hearted

tylers POV

i wake up, i don't know why, then i hear something in the hallway, i assume its savannah and lay back down, but then it bangs on my door, savannah wouldn't be banging on my door in the middle of the night, i walk to the door and open it

savannahs POV

i hear a yell, it sounds like tyler, i spring out of bed in my temporary room and into the hall, tylers door is closed, i open it to see a vampire drinking his blood, tylers eyes are closed, the vampires hand is underneath tylers back, the other holding his neck up, i run over and punch the vampire in the head as hard as i can, it drops tyler, i catch him and lay him on the floor gently, i grab a piece of broken glass from the mirror that is smashed, and stab the vampire in the throat

"get out" i yell and push the vampire to the open window, he leaves, i close the window and go to tylers side

"savannah" he mumbles so quietly i could barely hear him

"im here" i say back, his hand reaches up to my neck, he keeps it there, it is cold, i lift him up on his bed and go to the bathroom for a warm rag, when i come back he is attempting to sit up

"no, relax" i say and put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him

"i want to sit up" he whines, his eyes still closed

"no, you need to rest, you were attacked again, and you are weak" i say, he holds my hand and moves it to his cheek, i put the rag on his head with my free hand and sit there next to him on the bed

"im fine" he says and opens his eyes

"go to sleep" i say

"but" he says and stops

"no, go to sleep, yo need it" i say, he closes his eyes and quickly falls into sleep, i fall asleep on the floor next to his bed

tylers POV

i wake up in early morning and see savannah on the floor asleep, i check to make sure she didn't get bitten and lift her up next to me on the bed, she groans, i put an arm over her, she is freezing

"what" she groans rubbing her eyes

"you are freezing and yo were on the floor" i say keeping my arm around her thin stomach, and by thin, i mean skinny, she only weighs ninety pounds

"i wasn't going to risk you being attacked again" she says and looks at me


"well you could have at least got on the bed, or a blanket" i say

"im used to sleeping in cold, before i found that room i brought you to i slept in caves in the winter, with nothing but my jacket for a year" she says, my mouth drops

"why wouldn't anyone take you in" i say

"because everyone saw something in me, like i was a monster, something that made them afraid of me" she says, my heart hurts, what could be so wrong about her

"that's messed up" i say, she laughs, i check the digital clock on my nightstand, its five o'clock

"what time is it" she says

"five" i say, today is Sunday so i don't have to go to school today

"wow" she says, i laugh, she sits up

"don't leave" my mouth betrays me, i wasn't going to say that but my body did it

"why" she asks

"just stay here" my mouth says for me again

"you'll be fine, vampires don't attack much during the day, they mainly come after us at night" she says

"oh, but still" i wrap my arms around her stomach, keeping her next to me

"lets go get something to eat" she says trying to pry my arms off of her

"not now, in an hour, please" i say, she gives up, i pull her back down next to me

"fine" she says and closes her eyes, i close mine too and drift off

savannahs POV

i wake up, not from  a noise, but from a nightmare, i dreamed i was being devoured by a vampire, and tyler was drowning in the lake, surrounded by vampires, i closed my eyes and drifted off when tyler sank under the water, i could still hear him screaming my name and coughing, i was drained of energy, the vampire dropped me, im still alive, just weak, i hear tyler splashing in the water, i open my eyes slightly to see him swimming to the island, he makes it, but it cold, stranded, and crying, looking at me, he isn't crying because he is trapped, he is crying because he cant help me

"tyler" i whisper, he shifts beside me, i look down at him, he is turned towards me, his arm on the spot where my head was and i realize how close we were for, i check the clock, two hours

"where are you" tyler says in his sleep, then starts to sweat, he is having a nightmare too, i shake him a bit, he jumps up and grabs my shoulders hard, he opens his eyes and sees its me

"im sorry" he starts to cry and hugs me, his color has returned

"its ok, i had a nightmare too, i just woke up" i say

"this one was the worst nightmare i have ever had though, i am standing in a room, like a ballroom, everyone is looking at me, but then i realize they are looking behind me, i turn to see a vampire, it grabs me, everyone screams and starts running around, the vampire sinks its fangs into my neck, but i don't go into a trance like i normally do, i feel the pain, i kick it, punch it, but it doesn't let me go, then you run up to help me, but you get attacked by another one, he bites your neck, you scream from the pain, i break free from the one that had me, then i go to help you, but by the time i reach you the vampire had dropped you and you were dead, everyone leaves, few surround us, we were dressed up, and your long white dress was covered in blood, i was weak, but you were pale, like the vampires themselves, then you cam back, but you weren't you, your eyes were golden brown, and you had fangs, i knew i had to kill you, so i pulled out my gun and shot you in the head" tears form in my eyes

"im sorry" i say and hold him tighter in my arms

"i should be sorry, for making you cry" he says looking into my eyes

"i cry all the time its no big deal" i say, he smiles slightly

"no, it is a big deal, to me, i don't like to see you cry" he says and puts a hand on my cheek, wiping away a tear

"stop talking like that, youre gonna make me cry more" i say laughing, he smiles

"lets go eat" he says, i nod and we walk downstairs, i slip once, and he catches me

"you ok" he says

"yeah thanks" i say and we walk to the kitchen, he gets out waffles for the two of us, i just sit at the table and think about tyler, does he really like me of did he say that to make me feel good, and important

"here you go" he sets a plate of waffles in font of me and sits down next to me, we eat in silence, and im glad

"do you like me" i blurt out, he just looks at me confused for a second

"yeah of course i like you" he says

"no, i mean love me, you keep showing signs of liking me but then you show completely opposite signs" his face drops, he doesn't answer, i get up and walk away without another  word, i grab my things and jump out the window, not risking him talking to me if i go out the front door, i walk down the street with tears in my eyes, i sit down on a bench in a local park and cry, my heart hurts so bad it feels broken, i cant push away the memory of tylers face when i walked away from him earlier

"are you ok" a boys voice says, i nod

"yeah, just having problems with a friend" i say, he sits next to me

"what happened" h says, i look at him, his blonde hair curly and shaggy, his deep blue green eyes caring, his face just perfect

"he said he loved me and then said nothing, then i asked him if he loved me, and he didn't answer" i say, he puts a hand on my shoulder

"some people are just stupid, a beautiful girl like you shouldn't be treated this way" he says

"thanks, but you will be scared of me soon" i say, he looks confused, "i hunt and kill vampires" i say, his eyes turn golden brown, my heart starts pounding, he leans on me and holds me still with one arm, fangs appear from his mouth, he slowly pierces my neck with his fangs and i go into a trance i try to fight it, but its too strong, my vision goes blurry, my arms become useless, and i become numb all over


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