It all started with one look

It's about a girl names Skylar who likes this huge boy band called one direction. One day she got tickets to see them and that's when her life changed..


2. tickets?

Hi I'm Skylar Morris, I guess I would say my life is pretty normal. I mean I have amazing friends, a great family, what more could I ask for. Aside from that, I'm a 15 year old girl who has the a slight obsession with the biggest boy band in the world, one direction. Well I wouldn't say I was obsessed but pretty close. 

-Summer of 2012-


*Skylar's P.O.V*

"WHAT?!" i screamed

"well its not a for sure but we will see if we can get tickets"

I stood there in shock, I fell to my bed as I scrolled through many pictures of one direction just imagining what it would be like to see their perfect faces and hear their angelic voices in person! I made up my mind that the news my mom told me was probably the best news of the year.

The rest of the summer was pretty awesome but the one thing i had on my mind was wether got the tickets or not?! I didn't want to get my hopes up but i think its a bit late for that.. 

I would ask my mom everyday if we got the tickets but it was the same answer every time "i dont know, stop asking!" that was it followed with a little bit of yelling which pretty much ruined my day. But I could understand I was being a bit annoying so, i finally just let it go and completely forgot about it. 



-December 2012-

It was a usual day for me, sitting around watching tv, going on my phone, nothing too special. 

My sister and I were joking around on the could when suddenly it slipped out.. 

"are you serious..." I was ready to burst into tears, but not because I was sad but because I was happy!

"You guys weren't supposed to know till Christmas!" my mom laughed 

I was just in complete shock!

"IM GOING TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT" I yelled as I danced around the house



A/N Hey guys! If you're reading this I would love some feed back on how it is so far? I know it isnt really much going on right not but I'm doing my best to kind of get into the action but im having a tough time on building it up! Keep reading and see what happens! xx

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