It all started with one look

It's about a girl names Skylar who likes this huge boy band called one direction. One day she got tickets to see them and that's when her life changed..


4. Niall Horan?!

"TODAYS THE DAY" i screamed jumping out of bed

I grab my clothes and get into the shower ( see what she wore here: )

I couldn't help but belt out every one direction song until i got out. I got dressed and did my usual everyday makeup, concealer, blush, eyeliner, mascara and a little bit of power. 

"WAKE UP!" I yell waking up my sister

"but i'm tired.." groaning as she put a pillow over her head

I walk away and decide to do my hair. I curled my dark brown hair with my wand, and put a blue and white bow in my hair.

As my sister is getting ready I go to check online to see if anyone has tweeted, but nope. I log off, pick up my phone and scroll through instagram. 

Finally my sister is ready! I run into the bathroom and brush my teeth. Taking one last look in the mirror as I flatten out my blue skirt. "perfect!" I say as i looked in the mirror and smiled.

We are off! Blasting one direction the whole way there and singing of course! We arrived there early, there wasn't much people there because it was only 2 and the concert is at 7. My sister and I decided to go on adventure around the arena so we could kill some time. We walked around a couple of times, I was laughing my head off because my sister told me the funniest joke and the bam! Of course clumsy me would bump into some, I wasnt really paying attention. 

"Sorry!" I turn around and say to this boy around the age of 18 or 19, he had ocean blue eyes, blonde hair with brown in it and he was wearing sweats, a plain white t-shirt, a baseball cap and sunglasses. 

I didn't realize till after he smiled and walked away that it was none other than Niall James Horan. 

Surprisingly I didn't freak out.


*Niall's P.O.V*

We finally got to our venue, me and the boys rehearsed a couple of songs. I decided to get some fresh air because I assumed nobody would be there because it was so early. I was walking around and then this girl bumped into me. I instantly fell in love. I know that seems like a bit of an exaggeration but she was beautiful and a part of me wanted to get to know her and love her. 

She has these beautiful brown eyes, tan skin, curly dark brown hair that flowed off her shoulders.  Her smile was cute and I instantly knew she was for me. But i was an idiot and i just smiled and walked away. What was i thinking!?! Why didnt i ask for her, name or number! I assumed she was going to the concert so maybe i'll see her there. The more i thought about her, the more i wanted to talk to her. 

I went inside to tell the boys. 

"guys, i just saw the most beautiful girl in the world" I said with a huge smile

"how old did she look!?" zayn said 

He probably said that so he could have her to himself. i knew him too well and whenever there was a pretty girl that came around, zayn always got her. But im sure the other guys were interested too. 

"i think she was 15.." I didn't think about that till zayn asked. all the boys instantly looked at me weird.

"dude, dont you think that may be a bit young for you?" louis chimed in.

"well what if she has an amazing personality! Guys age shouldn't matter." i added. even though i said that, i knew that Louis was right..

I couldn't help but think about her all up until it was time to go on stage.


*Skylar's P.O.V* 

We got to out seats, and the were right by the stage! Well not on the floor but still pretty close! 5SOS came on and i danced along, I couldnt sing along because i didnt know any songs but they were really good, and cute :) ! I noticed the one with black hair looked at me and smiled, so i waved! He was cute! They had just finished on and i was only minutes away from seeing one direction!


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