It all started with one look

It's about a girl names Skylar who likes this huge boy band called one direction. One day she got tickets to see them and that's when her life changed..


3. I can't wait!

It was finally June and school had just ended . I thought only 1 more month till One Direction! I honestly could not stop thinking about it! Summer came and as usual I didn't do anything. 

*Skylar's P.O.V*

My sister and I were counting down the days till it was time.

We went shopping so we could start looking for something to wear to the concert. To be honest i dont know why i even bothered to look for a brand new outfit, i had tons of clothes to wear and its not like they would even see me anyways.. 

"are you excited?!" I asked my sister as we were looking through racks of clothes

"umm.. i guess" She replies

She's a not a huge fan of the but she doesnt hate them. It was a bit difficult to talk to her and enjoy this because she was pretty much on her phone the whole time. My sister and I were pretty close but we never really could just sit down and talk about my problems. I really felt like i couldnt do that with anyone. It made me a bit sad sometimes but i just shook it off and dealt with it. 


"3 MORE DAYS" I shouted as i ran around the house

By this time all you would hear in my house was me singing one direction so i could prepare myself. I loved them but i stopped following along with them as the year went one so i wasnt familiar with some of their songs on the new album. 

Finally it was time.. 



A/N Again im sorry for the short chapter, this one kind of sucked but i promise i will be getting into the action very soon. I kind of have a main idea of what the story is going to be about but as i write the chapters im not really sure of what to write about and how to express the characters. I know you havent really fully met the characters and i didnt really describe them well enough but i will soon dont worry! xx

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