The poem

This a story based on a poem no one understands.


3. The Kill

The only thing she could think of was to kill him now, Donnie is a gonor. The woman has never revealed her name. But she grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed him in the heart. She cried " Lisa , Lisa is my name. She kissed him. " I love you " Lisa said. She cried for weeks. When the wife came home the decaying body glowed. Some how his wound healed. His wife cried. " what's wrong young lady. " the new man said. She said some thing about a ghost haunting her for the rest of her live. He went to the yard. " we should get a garden. " he said he went out and got white lettuce and Leed seeds. He planted them. Since the haunting ghost moved into his body he had the erdge to try and kill his wife. So he tried to think of some thing, but he couldn't. So when his seeds grew, he moved out. He moved in to the Leeds.
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