Over Again

Alyssa has an amazing life. She was a model in New York city, she has an amazing boyfriend, Jake, and an amazing best friend, Angel. Also, Angel has a boyfriend, Liam Payne. Now, Liam has been waiting for the boys to meet Alyssa and Angel. But when they do meet, what will happen when Alyssa faces her old bully from high school?


3. Come On!



Alyssa P.O.V.


"Come on Alyssa!" Angel yelled at me. I groaned. I then turned over to look at her. "What?" "Its been a week since you and Jake broke up and all you have done was lay in your bed! Come on! Lets go out! Have fun! Live a little!"

I slowly sat up in my bed and looked over at my night stand and my alarm clock. 5 pm. "Okay, fine. To where?"

"Well Liam asked if us and the boys would like to go to the country fair thats here in town for the weekend."

"You know I''m afraid of roller coasters." I worried. "I know, I know. And you dont have to go on one! Come on! It will be fun!"

"Fine." I groaned. "Yay! Okay, they will be here in a half hour!" She cheered, jumping up from my bed and rushing out of my room.


After a half hour pasted, I walked down the stairs to see everyone on the couch talking. I then looked over to Harry to see him staring at me. Or should I say my body... I was wearing jean short shorts, black ankle combat boots, a black ruffled tank top that showed a bit of my belly, and a big black bow in my hair.

"You look gorg!" Angel said, standing up. She was wearing a striped shirt that had three black buttons, a red leather jacket over it, black short shorts, high black knee socks that are see through and black combat boots.

"Ooo! I love that whole bad girl look!" I said giggling. She chuckled. "Why thank you!" "Well, we better get going!" Liam said, motioning everyone to the door.


The car ride there was awkward and silent. All you could hear was the music in the back round, and the sound of lips smacking together, considering Angel and Liam were making out in the back seat.

When we finally got to the fair grounds, I literally jumped out of the car in relief. 

"Ok, so I think we should first all go on the freak out!" Louis said, rubbing his hands together. The freak out was where you would sit down and they of course would strap you down to the seat. Then, the ride starts swinging back and fourth from side to side slowly. Then as the pace picks up, you get higher and you start to turn in circles. Its really scary!

"Yeah!" Angel hollered, pumping her fist. We all laughed. When we got to the freak out, everyone got in line but me and Niall.

"Your not going on?" I asked him shockingly. Niall seemed like the type of guy that would do anything and wouldnt be scared to do it!

"Yeah, I love roller coasters, I do! But I just ate a huge thing of chips in the car, so I think you get the point." He said chuckling. I giggled. "Yeah, I get it!"

As we sat silent for a couple moments, I looked up at everyone on the Freak Out having the time of their lives. I could feel the fear from the people on that ride, just by hearing their piercing screams. I then looked over at Niall. He looked so peaceful and happy. His arms were folded over his chest and he was staring up at the ride, smiling at one of the boys. He looked so...Adorable. It was like-

"Take a picture, it will last longer." Niall said, a smile creeping on his face, but his eyes stayed locked on the ride. I looked down, feeling a blush creep onto my cheeks.

"S-Sorry." I stuttered, still looking at the ground. He chuckled. I looked up to see him looking back at me, focusing on my eyes.

I looked away and up to see that the ride has ended and our group of friends were coming near us.


After a couple more rides, we decided to go get something to eat. "I'll go find a table." I said, pointing over to the tables.

I found the perfect table in the shade that would be able to fit all of us. I sat down and waited for about 10 minutes until everyone else joined me.

"You didnt get anything Alyssa?" Zayn asked, sitting down. "Nah, I dont like the food here. To gross. I brought a sandwich and grapes from home." I said, pulling out a brown paper bag with my food in it out from my purse.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot. Your a model, so you have to keep your hot body the same." Harry said, throwing a wink my way. All I did was roll my eyes.

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