Enemies,Best Friends or Lovers?

Desiree and Louis used to be best friends but Louis suddenly ignores her and doesn't wanna be friends with Desiree anymore,she just thinks he hates her but what the real reason he ignores her?


1. Meeting the Characters


  First girl is Desiree,Second one is Paula,Third on is Rosie There will be more characters and the main character is Desiree  so the story will be in her point of view.


Hai I'm Desiree Payne Im a cheery person i hate Louis Tomlinson he used to be my best friend but he suddenly started ignoring me but I DON'T CARE i got my bestest frands and my boy friend Calum. If you didn't notice im related to Liam Payne yup hes my big brother My besties are well Paula,Rosie,Zayn,Niall,Harry,and i guess my brother xD .



Heyo I'm Paula Malik  :D uh I'm awko taco :D and a weirdo child so yea i got a bit of a crush on Niall but we been besties forever so yea :) Zayn is my brother he's over protective :/ which sucks butt but he's my Bestie  speaking of besties  My BESTEST FRANDS SINCE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is Rosie and Desi,Desi never will admit it but she likes Louis she did when they were best frands and she probably still does :D Rosie likes Harry but she has Liam dun dun dun.


Hiya It's ROSIE xD Desi,Paula and I Are weirdos children :D.My best friends are obviously Desi and Paula but I got more best friends Harry,Zayn,Liam (we dating right now me and Liam),Zayn and Niall.Louis used to be friends with us because he was besties with Desi but he changed so yea not anymore :D 


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