Enemies,Best Friends or Lovers?

Desiree and Louis used to be best friends but Louis suddenly ignores her and doesn't wanna be friends with Desiree anymore,she just thinks he hates her but what the real reason he ignores her?


10. 9

Desi Pov:

  "Let's have movie night like old times Lou?"I asked

"I would but I'm going to hang out with El today."he said

  "Oh okay."I said sadly

"But we can have movie night tomorrow."he said

   "Okay I guess I'll go hang out with Calum then till tomorrow,bye Lou."I said kissing his cheek then walking over to Calum.

  "Hi Calum."I said

"hey babe."he said kissing my cheek

  "Can we hang out later?"I asked

"Sorry  Desi I gotta go practice with Luke,Ashton and Michael later."he said

  "Okay then I will ask the girls."I replied grabbing my phone

--------TEXTING TIME--------(P =Paula  R =Rosie D= Desi)

D: Hey girls wanna hang out later?

P: Sorry Desi I got a date with Niall

R: I'm still sad about the whole break up with Liam and Harry is coming over later

D: So Paula you are dating Niall and Rosie you is dating Harry.

R:I'm not dating Harry....yet

P: Yes I is dating Niall

D: See you tomorrow I guess


I walked home ALONE on a Friday night wow I've been a loner before but never in high school it would always be in Middle school I got home and layed on my bed and playing Subway Surfers on my phone when I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I yelled and Lou came in.

"Lou what are you doing here? I asked but he had a weird expression on his face.

"Lou what's wrong?" I questioned

  "Desi, Calum he was kissing some other girl." He said

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