Enemies,Best Friends or Lovers?

Desiree and Louis used to be best friends but Louis suddenly ignores her and doesn't wanna be friends with Desiree anymore,she just thinks he hates her but what the real reason he ignores her?


8. 7

Ava Pov

"Wait do you still like her or not anymore?"I asked

  "I don't know." he said shrugging

"Why didn't  you just tell her instead of ignoring her."I asked 

  "Then everything would be awkward and she would hate me."he said

"Well she still hates you for ignoring her,have you apologized?"I asked

  "Yea but she didn't take the apology."he said sadly

"I dunno what to tell you then Lou."I said.I do feel bad for my brother I gotta go ask Desi why she won't take the apology

***Next day at School****

    "Hey Desi." I said

"Oh hey Ava." she said with a smile

  "Why dont you accept Lou's apology?" I asked

"Because he's a jerk."she said 

  "He is not a jerk."I said

"If he isn't a jerk why would he ignore me in middle school and wait till senior year to apologize."she said

   "Well...."I said

"Exactly."she said

  "I know why he ignored you though." I said

"Why?"she asked

   "Well when he told me he said the reason he didn't tell you was because he was afraid you would get mad and it would be awkward." I said

Desi Pov: 

What could it be that would make it so awkward.


A/N: okay I just wanted to give a shout out to one of my favorite authors that just favorited this book ,okay so yea next chapter should be up today and if it isn't it,might be up tomorrow cause my family is making a little party for my dad today :D 


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