Enemies,Best Friends or Lovers?

Desiree and Louis used to be best friends but Louis suddenly ignores her and doesn't wanna be friends with Desiree anymore,she just thinks he hates her but what the real reason he ignores her?


5. 4

Desiree Pov:

 I went into class and sat in my usual spot and started to draw random stuff on my notebook and I saw Louis walked in and rolled my eyes.Then Louis sat right beside me.Why is he sitting next to me now?

   "Um Desi?"I heard Louis

 "Only friends get to call me Desi." I snapped

Louis Pov:

Well that hurt.

 "Well okay um Desiree I'd like to apologize." I said

   "So now you wanna talk to me,you get tired of Eleanor." she said.Just hearing El's name hurt me.

"We just broke up." I said sadly

  "Poor Lewis misses his slut?" she said

"SHE ISN'T A SLUT"I yelled.

  "Whatever Lewis,Im not believing your apology anyways"she replied

"W-why not?" I asked

   "Let me think, your gonna be my friend for a while then completely ignore me."she said

"No I'm not I swear."I said

  "Liar! Now shut up i dont wanna talk to you."she said

"Okay then."I said sadly

Liam Pov:

"Hi babe." I said to Rosie

  "Hiya Liam,I will be right back let me just go to the bathroom real quick"she said right before she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"okay."i said then i saw Dani

  "Hi Liam." she said sweetly walking over to me

"Hi Dani how you-"i began but got cut off by Dani kissing me before i could pull away i heard Rosie voice

"WHAT THE HELL LIAM!!!"she yelled

   "Rosie i can explain."i said

"I dont wanna hear it we are over."she said sadly



A/N:sorry or the late update :/

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