Enemies,Best Friends or Lovers?

Desiree and Louis used to be best friends but Louis suddenly ignores her and doesn't wanna be friends with Desiree anymore,she just thinks he hates her but what the real reason he ignores her?


4. 3

Louis Pov: 

Eleanor and I recently just broke up.She's been so clingy it's so annoying but I do miss her.As I was thinking about El I bumped in to Desiree.

  "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING LEWIS."she said.I remember when she called me that when we were best friends I've missed her.

"Sorry."was all I can say I moved out of the way and looked back at her seeing her hug Calum. I felt anger grow on me-wait what I don't like Desiree-do I?



A/N: I know short chapter but I needed a short chapter for this one next chapter is coming up :)

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