Hey guys this isnt my story its by a girl named Fanny on facebook just type in Nothing Like Us. she makes amazing stories so i decided i wanted to share one with you guys!!!(:


4. Temptation

Tittle: Temptation  Part:4 
---At the concert---
Frances was in the line for M&G and it was finally her turn she walk in alone and she hugs justin and she is being flirty 
France: Omg! i love you so much and i am so thankful that you gave my sister a M&G ticket thanks a lot 
Alfredo looks at justin and justin looks at alfredo
Justin: Give me a minute ok beautiful?
Frances: sure
Justin goes to a quiet space with Alfredo
Justin: That's her sister but where is she?
Alfredo: You gave her 1 ticket 
justin: Damn Just Tell the girl to wait for me after the concert ok?
Alfredo: I'm glad that you want to say sorry to the girl
Justin: Yeah i was drunk and that pill that Lil Twist gave me just fuck me up..
Alfredo: Ok lets go
He goes back to take the picture
Justin: Bye beautiful
Alfredo call her
Frances: Heyy Fredo!! omg!!
Alfredo: Hey justin wants to meet you later so dont leave the concert when its over ok just wait for him
Frances: Omg yes!!
She walks away and meet with her friend again and they dance all night and shout a lot she had an amazing time but it ended.
Tie: Happy birthday and i had a blast thanks for coming with me
Frances: No thank you i love you byee
She leaves and the place was getting lonely until everybody was gone she was still waiting she didnt call me to pick her up and i fell a sleep great.
Justin: Hey 
Frances: Omg i thought you were not coming
Justin: Come lets go?
Frances: Sure
He gets in his car and he drives her to his mansion
Frances: I cant believe i'm here with you 
Justin: Your a lucky fan i guess (cute smile)
They sit down to talk
Justin: So your sister mmm..she said something about me?
Frances: No she just told me about the ticket that all 
Justin: cool i'm glad you came
Frances: yeah..
I wake and i look at the clock and its 1am 
Me: Omg i fell a sleep Frances must be waiting for me
I check my cellphone and no missed calls that's weird, I gt in the car and drive to the concert and i see the place was close i call Frances
Frances: This is my sister i have to take this
Justin: ok 
Frances: hello
Me: Where the hell are you!?
Frances: Can i tell her?
Justin: Sure
Frances: I am at justin house (excited)
Me: Wait what? did he do something to you?
Frances: No he wouldnt hurt me we are just talking
Me: Where do he lives i am going to pick you up right now
FRances: You said i was 18 and i can do what i want 
Me: Please just tell me where he lives
Frances: Please dont ruined my perfect birthday please
She hung up and i start crying i know how justin is i go asking people where justin house is and i got the direction if the house.
Justin: is your birthday?
Frances: Yeah i am finally 18
Justin: Happy birthday sweetie
Frances: thanks
Justin: I need to give you a gift but what? jumm
Frances: (bite her lips) a kiss is ok?
Justin:(smile) I was thinking the same thing
He gets closer to her and kiss her, I finally found his house and i knock on the door
Justin: I have to get that
He open the door and when he saw me he smile
Me: Oh dont smile at me where is my sister
Justin: She is inside
Me: I swear if you touch her or did something to her i will kill you
Frances heard my voice and came to the door
Frances: Hillary? C'mon i thought you trusted me
Me: I do but i dont trust him C'mon lets go home
Frances: I'm sorry justin
Me: Lets go now
She gets in the car and i was about ot walk away
Justin: Wait i need to talk with you
Me: No thanks i dont want nothing to do with you just back away from me and my sister ok i know who you are but she doesnt so just stay away from her please
Justin: Look That night i was drunk and i didnt know what i was doing im sorry please i dont want you to think that i am like that
Me: Agh please you know you are like that you just act in front of your fans like you care and you love them but you know who you and i know who you really are 
Justin: No i am not like that i---
Me: I dont care ok just forget about that night
Justin: That's the problem i cant forget that night..
Me: Are you kidding me? I would never like you ok and i have a boyfriend that i love with all my heart 
Justin: If you loved him you would have never shad sex with me
Me: Shh! she could hear you and i did it because you tempt me you know i was desperate and you just took the opportunity 
Frances got down of the car
Frances: Ok you had said enough stop fighting with him and fight with me come on lets go home i am sorry justin you didnt deserve to listen to her
Me: Frances lets go
We get in the car and she was quiet all the way back home, She gets down the car and went straight to her room, i knock on the door
Me: Frances?
Frances: You change my room? How dare you?
Me: I thought you were going to like it its a teenage room
Frances: Where are my posters?
Me: I left some in the wall but--
Frances: Agh you ruined everything
She slams the door in my face and i go to my room laid down crying
Me: All i do is to protect her and she hates me
---1 hour later---
I was sleeping and she come to my room and i feel her laid down nextt to me
Frances: Hillary?
Me: Yeah?
Frances: I'm sorry i didnt mean everything i said i love you and you are my sister for life
Me: i know baby 
Frances: But i like justin and i think he likes me too
Me: ..................Oh...
Frances: Give him a chance?
Me: You never gave malcom a chance why should i gave him one?
Frances: It will make me more happy and i promise i will do anything you want i just cant say no to him you know he means the world to me and we kissed and i felt--
Me: You kiss him?
Frances: We kissed yes it was special and please just one chance
Me: I will think about it
Frances: Even if you say no i am still going to be with him
Me: I have no choice so i guess..
France: You know we dont fight much so i'm sorry and i love you 
Me: Frances is 2 am lets talk tomorrow ok
Frances: Ok
She kiss my cheek and we fell a sleep 
---Next morning---
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