Hey guys this isnt my story its by a girl named Fanny on facebook just type in Nothing Like Us. she makes amazing stories so i decided i wanted to share one with you guys!!!(:


3. Temptation

Tittle: Temptation 
Part: 3
Frances: Yeah but how did you get it?
Me...uh.. I met him last night
Frances: Wait! You met him like seriously???
Me: Yeah he came and bought candy and i recognize him and i told him that i try to get you some tickets and they were sold out so he gave me a ticket
Frances: He is so perfect that's why i love him
Me: Yeah..Perfect
Frances: I love you thank you 
Me: Listen i will drive you there and when is over you call me and i'll pick you up ok?
Frances: Ok thanks
Me: Now get the heck out of my room i need to sleep
Frances: Ok i will cook for us
Me: thanks
I go back to sleep this job is killing me i hate working so late but i need to do it i have lots of bills to pay.
---Few Hours later---
I wake up and take a shower and brushed my teeth's
Me: What did you cook?
Frances: i didnt i bought pizza
Me: You said you were going to cook Frances
Frances: just it the pizza
Me: Fine
I Sit down to eat the pizza and she sits down next to me
Me: what?
Frances: Thank you for taking care of me for making my dreams come true you have been like a mother to me since..mom left us i love you Hillary and i hope we always stay like this united.
Me: Aww Frances you know i love you and i would do anything for you and i have one more surprise but i will give it to you tomorrow when you come back from the concert ok?
Frances: Oh right i forgot to tell you my Tia is going so she told me if i could stay over there and her mom could drive us to the concert and you will pick me up can i stay? please?
Me: Yeah you are almost 18 you are all grown up and you need to take some responsibility's 
Frances: Like?
Me: Like a Job i just want you to not feel like i am the only thing you have you know like if something happens to me i want you to be mature and not depend from someone else 
Frances: So i can do what i want now?
Me: No, I mean yeah a bit like if you want to go to a party is fine if you want to date is fine but still no sex please
Frances: Ok this just got awkward i better start making my bag Tia will pick me up ok?
Me: Ok so i think you just heard that you can do what you want and not the other things i said huh? (laugh)
Frances: I understand perfectly i will get a job i promise 
She goes to her room and pack her bag
Me: Can i see what your wearing?
Frances: Uh..no i already pack it so i have to go
Me: Jumm... alright have fun and you know call me please
Frances: Ok love ya
She gives me a kiss and left to her friend house.
---Few minutes later---
Malcom come in
Me: Oh hey babe
Malcom: Hey sexy (kiss me)
Me: I have the house for my self...
Malcom:Really? i like that Rawr!
We start making out n the 'Couch and i am touching and i feel something hard
Me: You brought the gun here malcom!
I back away and stand up
Malcom: I'm sorry i forgot to put it in the car
Me: Agh you know i hate guns Malcom just take it away from here now
Malcom: Alright
He goes to his car and left it there and came back
Me: Why are you carrying that thing?
Malcom: I needed it today i was dealing with some problems
Me: Oh malcom please babe stop it i dont want nothing bad happening to you i love you so much
Malcom: Nothing is going to happend you know everybody respects me
Me: I know but i'm just scare
Malcom: Dont be i got you
He hugs me and kiss me
Malcom: Where is your sister?
Me: at a friend house she is going to a concert tomorrow
Malcom: She got the tickets?
Me: Yeah i bump in to justin and i explain what happend and he game me a ticket
Malcom: Really? he just gave you a ticket like that?
Me: Yeah..
Malcom: Oh..
Me: So can you stay tonight? I am not going to work tonight
Malcom" Of course babe 
We had a wonderful night together.
---Next morning--
I wake up and Kiss malcom
Malcom: Can you make me breakfast?
Me: Of course babe
I get up and brushed my teeth's and call Hillary
Frances: Yeah?
Me: Happy birthday!!!
Frances: Thank you!!! 
Me: Ok tell me what did you do last night your voice is different?
France: I-i Went out with Tia we drink a little bit
Me: (laugh) Ok be careful today and have fun i love you
Frances: Your the best i love you byee
She hung up and i finish making breakfast for Malcom
Malcom sits down to eat
Me: Babe i am going to decorate Frances room i'm going to paint it and take out all her poster just make her room a normal teenage room
Malcom: What ever
Me: I dont get why you and her dont get along you both are the most important thing in my life so please 
Malcom: I'm sorry babe i have to go but good luck with the room thing
Me: Bye!
He leaves with out giving me a kiss he was mad, i go to the store and buy a purple paint and some decorations for the room, I get back home and start taking all does posters off the wall
Me: Yeah perfect i hate you justin bieber you are not what every girl thinks you are an animal a stupid asshole i hate you! agh
I start painting her room and just let one wall cover with posters but the room decoration was about butterfly lots of colorful colors i think she will like it.

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